Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...


Dont need you Pimp

Dont need you pimp / To advertise me like a whore / just so you can get reward
Glory! Glory! by Lyndy Fly Away Dreams by Lyndy Forget Belisha Beacon! by Lyndy


Gone for just a moment…………………………. / ………………&…

If you wanna have fun…Do It Now!

If you wanna have fun…Do It Now!

The Onion Lady

Chopping and weeping / aromas are seeping / into your eyes
Hate........ an OED definition by Lyndy Thirsty Enticement by Lyndy The Green Planet Takeover Dream by Lyndy Good Advice! by Lyndy The colours of my Wick by Lyndy Noah by Lyndy

Another day

………………… Tomorrow
5 Red Bottles Sticking on the Wall! by Lyndy Egypt Point  by Lyndy

Stamping on my Head

I saw you stamping on my head / whilst I was under water………. drowning
34th America's Cup by Lyndy I wish I was a Butterfly by Lyndy

Dont switch my fucking light off! How dare You

How dare you / Scavenger

Goodness Gracious Me!

Reality / Creativity / Purity / Insanity / All belong to me / Goodness gracious me!

You Disrespect…It’s Not OK

Everything I do is open to your disapproval
Popped my Cork! Let the light in! by Lyndy Veronica's Finale by Lyndy Cracked from the inside by Lyndy

T Shirt Spring Clean

I have the T shirt / In fact…………. A wardrobe Full of them
Goodnight with blessings by Lyndy

I wore a dress………………

I wore that dress so you would see who I am / And all you did was look………. and dribble / You still didn’t see me
Beyond the black hole by Lyndy When you push my button, all my colours show! by Lyndy

Eight Years and 8 hours Later

Its eight years and 8 hours since I lost you / Its 8 minutes, 8 seconds in my world
Colour my Days by Lyndy

Tut tut

The words were there I promise you they were / gone now like the swiftness of a cloud in the wind

You are ……. A Shining Star

You are a shining star / So bright / My friend always showing the light

Fearing Love

The fear of love / Results in / Isolation of one self

Not Tonight

Made that mistake before / You held my mind and thats for sure / Til I realised you were a fraud

Slow Motion

Love in slow Motion
Shucks, you found me! by Lyndy

A page in a Book

A page in a book / Is in your diary
Attention! Fire! by Lyndy

No Lillies Please

The smell you see / Reminds me of the loss of you
Silence in the Corner by Lyndy Annie by Lyndy Purple wall Flowers by Lyndy Who's Child? The tragic ghosts of war!!!!!!!!!!!! by Lyndy Mixed Emotions ....... ( M.E.) by Lyndy Living til Sundown...... Here in Heaven by Lyndy Always take the weather with you! by Lyndy Candlestick Candlestick by Lyndy

Just a moment of fear….. hope is lost

Something is around the corner / I just cant see it / Yet I fear it anyway

Dont burn Your Tongue

Don’t waste the taste of life with bitterness
I'm Faithful by Lyndy

Dont wanna be famous when I’m dead

But shove your cameras where the sun dont shine
The Melting Pot by Lyndy


Im smiling now / Nothing feels this good

Clearly just a moment in my life

Clearly it was just a moment in my life
Orange Burst! by Lyndy Just Sitting for a Moment..... ........... by Lyndy Spectrum by Lyndy Whoa Moon come on! by Lyndy

Negative By Proxy (The psychological damage of …

I am beauty and I am the beast / Though parts of the negative by proxy remain with us both / The psychological damage of a child into woman…
The Church of St Boniface  1070 AD by Lyndy

The Devil Came and Took My Soul (Hope)

I hold on to old beliefs / Which keep me in this hell hole / The devil came and took my soul
A Different View of All Saints Church.... Godshill Isle of Wight by Lyndy Blue Sunset by Lyndy

Rich Vegetation

Wth all the richness of all the vegetation surrounding me / All the glory of the wonder of nature and it’s purity / The simple smile …
Morning Has Broken by Lyndy

Perspex Person

You are so transparent ………….. / …………………………………

The Taker

You just take, cos that’s all im hearing / Though I led you to believe I was giving / All you needed was the taking / I am forsaken

It was just about exhilerating as I expected

I had an expectation / Of no expectation

Sugar and Spice

Slugs and snails, tell too many tales / Of deception and puppy dogs tails / Sugar and Spice makes all things nice

You have One Minute…………&#…

No more love / Is that my minute up?

Feed, feed, feed

Feed, feed, feed, and die / And so shall I
Breast Cancer is all year round!  by Lyndy Cosmetic Surgery Does Not Change My Mind by Lyndy Be mine or No-ones by Lyndy In - Spired by Lyndy Tell me your answer do! by Lyndy Disdain by Lyndy Festive Road by Lyndy
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