Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...


Vision of a Smile

Waft of scent / passes by………. / with a vision of a smile…… / which passes by


I am Not Human / Or the same / Join My Army / Be Humane

The Spirit of Christmas

I am blessed / To be your guest / And the Joy / Has reached it’s crest / Your kindness / Shows such giving
Angle of Death by Lyndy

Pandora’s Gift

Pandora left / a gift for us / to help all people cope / She left the word / inside her box / and that word is HOPE

Full to Empty Thin

No more nothing / dead / alive and breathing / dead skin / thin

Solitary Lioness

He walked away from his pride / And led her aside / She purred / And allowed……………..
Silverskins and a Chipolata by Lyndy

Lucky Me, Lucky You

Lucky Me, Lucky You / We have a belly full of food.

Quiet Insanity

Quietly going insane / Got so much pain / Through the brain

Have you ever felt the cold my dear

Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int…
Not such a pretty Flower on the Face of things by Lyndy Dream Tree by Lyndy

The Bottom Feeders

They come in human form / far too frequently

Her ability to Eat

Their Destiny / Relies / On your humanity / And / Her ability / To Eat
Pink Jewels by Lyndy


Was she a whore / or just a blinding beauty / in my mind / She made me quiver and shiver / like no other

When Words don’t Work

A smile / A hug / A tear / Will let her know that you care / No words / can go there / at such a time as this

The Madness of Need

If your belly is empty / will you not feed / If your soul cries out for love / will it not reach / all levels of insanity / It’s the…
The Real Halloween by Lyndy Shadow Baggage by Lyndy I Love You.... as Read by Lyndy Redhead Rising by Lyndy

Wet Dream

There she was in the meadow / naked and so bare / dreaming of him
Alienated by Lyndy

I hope my soul resonates with you when I am gone

I know I was once / loving you so much / felt every touch / heard every word / saw all the goings on / and loved you all the same

One less soul wont make a difference, what with s…

Double Indemnity by Lyndy Candles in the Wind by Lyndy A Shadow of Myself by Lyndy Curly Dave by Lyndy

Collogen Misfit

She looked in the mirror and finally saw / what she had never been looking for / nothing she had done could save her
Grandma Myra............ (circa 1932) by Lyndy Nosey Neighbour by Lyndy

Duet for One

An evening of music / made her want to dance / and be romanced / it was a duet for one
Blind Murder in Mind........... by Lyndy

If I’d known you were coming I’d have…

If I’d known you coming I’d have baked a cake / ……………………………&#…
TickeRty Boo! by Lyndy

How on earth……………&#…

You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷…
OOps I'm Stuffed! by Lyndy

The Same Spectacles

Our different spectacles / With which to view the world / Gives us our individuality

Little pink book ( a very special pink book)

I hope that you will forgive me, for not sharing in my living days, I just could not find the way.
Giant Buddah by Lyndy Sex on fire by Lyndy Unfuck The World! Billy's T Shirt by Lyndy May your days be filled with flowers by Lyndy


Take my heart / Take my whole / Take nothing from me
Hide and Seek by Lyndy

Dont show your god dam ugly face again

Dont show your god dam ugly face again / Cos you dont have a fucking clue / What beauty is all about……………R…

Encompass her tonight

encompass her tonight so she may live another day / to thankyou for the life you gave her…. another nano second………&…

About to sleep………………

No feeling we want to creep / into our reality of the way it is / Just hoping for the numbness of sleep
Nelsons Column Rising (with helicopter in weird flight) by Lyndy Sunset over Gosport from Portsmouth by Lyndy

I did not know how well loved he was …̷…

I did not know how well loved he was ……….. until he died / I wonder if he did? / Something I now have to live with……
The other side of the Needles!  by Lyndy Soft as a Pink Rose by Lyndy The Needles Isle of Wight by Lyndy Coloured sand cliffs of Alum Bay Isle of Wight by Lyndy Either Way! by Lyndy Hearts of Sugar and Gold by Lyndy The Eagle has Landed by Lyndy

Its better to have a breakdown

Its better to have a breakdown and move on / Than to live in the past / Or not at all
The Grave Digger by Lyndy Cross Over  by Lyndy Beautiful Dead Thistle and Dandilion Fairies by Lyndy JEEEZ! I Know I Put It In There Somewhere! by Lyndy

Stuff Your Grammer!

the way you judge a person by there spellin / the person is so much more compellin / So, even as a wordsmith / Stuff your *Grammer
Flaming Passion by Lyndy Yellow Docs and Blue Jeans (magic moment) by Lyndy

If you are mad……. then so am I

What changed? / Not you / Not me
Kanoni Corfu by Lyndy Peachy and Glowing by Lyndy

Just a Commodity

She was just a commodity / sitting on his angry knee

Thankyou for your non cerebal view

Thankyou for loving me…………… / …………………………….w…

Oh how we laughed when we were young!

My beautiful friend, we are still laughing / as our shoes get lower, and clothing more flowing / with more wrinkles and lines / Giving away…
Crevice of Dreams by Lyndy Whilst We Wait by Lyndy

Stuck between the Munsters , The Adams Family and…

Stuck in the middle with you……. havent got a clue what to do / I see you on my right and left………… feel …
Contortionist Levitating Plumber! by Lyndy What a Hoot! by Lyndy
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