Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...


Is there a thing?

Is there a thing? / Or a feeling / Not held by / A human being

Watching the Moon and fading away

Watching the moon and fading away / and saying goodbye / in her own special way

Be seated

Be seated / knowing yourself / as an entirety / just be / watch and learn / and you will see

me and my bones

just me / and my bones / exist

Your voice Resounding in My head

As I lay down at night- / to try and sleep / inside my head / your goddam voice would creep…. / over and over again- / resounding in…

numbness our friend

numb thy bleeding heart / should sleep occur tonight / lest nightmares be / kept at bay / may / numbness be a friend / today

Bows and Arrows

so silently / she could not hear / the arrow that struck his heart / burning with desire and wanting / of the undoing of her pretty pink bo…

Looking the other way………..

you were searching…… / for the thing / before your eyes / whilst you were / looking the other other way………&#…

One Banana at a time….

“I live one banana at a time” / Whilst some are ripe / and others green / the rest they are / well – inbetween

The Name Game……….

Don’t ever believe / that you know me at all / if you do, / I’ve already won! / Cos I know you better, / you better believe / b…
Yesterday Dreams were true............ by Lyndy

Lucidity of self

I have moments of lucidity / When I believe / I am who I used to be / I convince myself and the listener too / That every single word is t…

Tis’ that time of year again….

Tis’ that time of year again…. / when all the lonely feel such pain / reminders everywhere they go / of people that they used t…

Tonight is goodbye

Tonight will be the night / when I say goodbye / to wipe the final tear from my eye / and that is why / tonight is the night I say goodbye …

Love is Daft!

Love is good, and love is bad / one makes you feel immortal / yet the other kind so sad

Bloody minded and strong!

I am strong, til the day I die / and you, yes you / are stuck with me! / Bloody minded and strong!


Whose eyes reach deep into the soul / searching for an answer / blades score across the ice / they were given daggers to survive / then hel…

“stay beautiful” (in the shower)

The goddam words / that just need to be sung / in the shower, or with hairdryer / outlet of me has begun

I am busy too….

Not too busy though / to say / I love you / so……… / that makes you busier than me…

“Save the Judgement for yourself”

“I am just me heartache in tow / what the hell do you think you know / save the judgement for youself”

The Unfixable

I say can you / love a broken soul, and / endeavour to make it whole / can you fix it?

Fret not upon your words, your heartbeat says it …

The strings of the soul / taken as a whole / get out of tune so fast / intimate words are lost / as a ghost…..

Dark Cry

Tell me why / the lights are out / when I shout / out loud

The utmost aspiration ( R.I.P. )

I aspire / to be like you / sweet child of mine

Sept 2nd

Years have passed / since I saw your beautiful face / there exist’s nothing that / could replace / your everlasting love.

Hold On…………

Do you always feel so afraid / whilst sleeping and awake.

How hard can it be? ( she, or he )

A woman who drinks and smokes / surely she / does not have a brain / Or intellect the same / as the snobs

Silence Screaming ( the writing)

Your greed and need / Sowed its ugly seed / The only friend left for you is……. / Your own / Silence Screaming…………………………………….
Cork for the Wine! by Lyndy

This Time

They will hear / the echoes from / your heart / And the sobbing / at my door / No no no’one

Until no more tears can be shed……R…

Disaster struck one evil day / and took her beloved child away / nothing now will ever be the same / never.

I forgot what I was going to say today…R…

I forgot what I was going to say today / yet I can remember every word / The sentiments were yesterday / how absurd

Lost Fairy Tales

A child had dreams of a fairy tale / all snuggled and nestled and warm / growing up not really knowing / right from wrong

The child murderer

she was nearer to death / left with only a breath / wrong diagnosis was made / as she displayed / a personality

Simple, sometimes says it all. yet complex leaves…

Tomorrow will be the day of judgment / simple or complex as it may be
Guarding the Source  by Lyndy

I was bestook

hole goes right through the floor / to the bottom of a pit / that does not exist

Night Cry

all thats left / from oneself bereft / is the hollow sound / of crying in the night………………….

Where are all the people

Where are all the people / now that they have gone / maybe we are wrong / and heaven does not exist / Where are all the people / who went b…

Facebook’s Invisible Man

Sadness beyond any kind of reason / overtook / any outlook / other than bleak, / so I decided to speak.

Bouquet Horribilis

fragrance was dying by the moment / a stench began to fill the room / as time elapsed
Flame melts the heart by Lyndy

A Mother’s Love on Mothers Day

Soul mate of mine / how dare you die / and leave me souless / alone to cry / I love you sweet child of mine

Party for one

swivel hips are shown / she is on her own / and…………. / suddenly dancing to a moon shadow.

The man in the street

So wrapped in our own destination / of a complicated life / It’s not easy / oh no………… / Let’s never for…

Procrastination is the thief of time

Tomorrow never comes / ………………………………..So die undone
 Red Rose in the Rain by Lyndy

No doubt you are sleeping now ……̷…

“Love will come to me / whilst you sleep so comfortably”

Lightening Strike

feelings came back / with a vengence… when / horror struck / over and over again / such terrible pain


Being single is a wonderful thing / why give it up?
Lie down and think of England  (just married) by Lyndy Simon's magic by Lyndy Trolleyed by Lyndy Road to the Lighthouse for sale by Lyndy Eye...... Claw by Lyndy

Oh mama know who I am and cry with me

Oh mama I so wish you knew who I was / then you could cry with me………………..
Clouds over the Clyde (Scotland) by Lyndy Pink Lily's Heart by Lyndy

No poetry, rhyme, prose or verse just … Med…

All self help and empowering straight out of the window / as the beasts walk casually in, through my open door.

Oh girl I miss you so

Lost and gone / our days of youth / yours too short / and mine too long
Red Lunar Night by Lyndy Inverary Bridge by Lyndy Lillies in the Rain by Lyndy

Tick Tock

tick tock goes the clock / be / tick tock goes the clock
Back of the Mind by Lyndy Daisy Array by Lyndy A Little bit of old Britain by Lyndy

After 12

the word NO came from mouth and lips / with her hands on hips / previously subservient / a human being had already been formed / not a chi…
23 by Lyndy Walking by the bus stop in the rain by Lyndy Flies have eyes by Lyndy Heaven on Earth by Lyndy Moon over the Clyde by Lyndy Tighnabruaich Viewpoint by Lyndy UP YOURS by Lyndy

My Swollen Feet

My swollen feet tell a story so long and unheard / absurd / as it is my life / results in my swollen feet
Monday is washing day by Lyndy A Moment in Marmaris by Lyndy

Please when I sigh let it not be heard upon my br…

sighs on breath everytime you speak / fucking irritates me!
I want to tell you a secret! by Lyndy
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