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Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...

Recent Love

Is there a thing?

Is there a thing? / Or a feeling / Not held by / A human being

Watching the Moon and fading away

Watching the moon and fading away / and saying goodbye / in her own special way

Be seated

Be seated / knowing yourself / as an entirety / just be / watch and learn / and you will see

Bows and Arrows

so silently / she could not hear / the arrow that struck his heart / burning with desire and wanting / of the undoing of her pretty pink bo…

Looking the other way………..

you were searching…… / for the thing / before your eyes / whilst you were / looking the other other way………&#…

The Name Game……….

Don’t ever believe / that you know me at all / if you do, / I’ve already won! / Cos I know you better, / you better believe / b…

Love is Daft!

Love is good, and love is bad / one makes you feel immortal / yet the other kind so sad

Bloody minded and strong!

I am strong, til the day I die / and you, yes you / are stuck with me! / Bloody minded and strong!

“stay beautiful” (in the shower)

The goddam words / that just need to be sung / in the shower, or with hairdryer / outlet of me has begun

I am busy too….

Not too busy though / to say / I love you / so……… / that makes you busier than me…

“Save the Judgement for yourself”

“I am just me heartache in tow / what the hell do you think you know / save the judgement for youself”

The Unfixable

I say can you / love a broken soul, and / endeavour to make it whole / can you fix it?

Fret not upon your words, your heartbeat says it …

The strings of the soul / taken as a whole / get out of tune so fast / intimate words are lost / as a ghost…..

The utmost aspiration ( R.I.P. )

I aspire / to be like you / sweet child of mine

Sept 2nd

Years have passed / since I saw your beautiful face / there exist’s nothing that / could replace / your everlasting love.

Hold On…………

Do you always feel so afraid / whilst sleeping and awake.

How hard can it be? ( she, or he )

A woman who drinks and smokes / surely she / does not have a brain / Or intellect the same / as the snobs

This Time

They will hear / the echoes from / your heart / And the sobbing / at my door / No no no’one

Until no more tears can be shed……R…

Disaster struck one evil day / and took her beloved child away / nothing now will ever be the same / never.

Facebook’s Invisible Man

Sadness beyond any kind of reason / overtook / any outlook / other than bleak, / so I decided to speak.

Bouquet Horribilis

fragrance was dying by the moment / a stench began to fill the room / as time elapsed
Flame melts the heart by Lyndy

A Mother’s Love on Mothers Day

Soul mate of mine / how dare you die / and leave me souless / alone to cry / I love you sweet child of mine

The man in the street

So wrapped in our own destination / of a complicated life / It’s not easy / oh no………… / Let’s never for…

No doubt you are sleeping now ……̷…

“Love will come to me / whilst you sleep so comfortably”

Oh mama know who I am and cry with me

Oh mama I so wish you knew who I was / then you could cry with me………………..
I want to tell you a secret! by Lyndy Pink Lily ......Say's  Hello! by Lyndy Tulip Song by Lyndy

Brief Gratification

Brief gratification / never held the hand or / even began to land / in the whole / amazing moment that occurred

Nine years ago…..No one is Listening

Yet / Now / I feel I can scream some more / Because I now know…………….. / That / ………. No one…
Shadow of Rose by Lyndy

Princess in the Turret

Her nadir became the wanting of her zenith moment………….
The Power Of Sisterhood by Lyndy

I have not died so far……………

A mans eye in the shadows / sees and believes in me / no agenda abound, he is above ground / I have not died so far…………
A Mind Beyond Tomorrow by Lyndy

I see the sadness in your eyes…

I see the sadness in your eyes… / ……………………………………&…
A Touch of Gold by Lyndy

I Know Who I am

I Know who I am / I am me / And I wouldn’t be / Anyone else / Me is my Identity

I Swear

I swear nothing matters / more than my love for you

I cannot love you

I know in my heart / I can’t do it with you / I would be lying / I really would / I am so sorry
Inside Out by Lyndy I Made a New Years Resolution That I would not Cry by Lyndy


…….while / life gets in the way / I will do my best to / ……………………………

The Last Letter

Chapter and verse / the last letter / distant memory away / As I begin again with / the letter / A
Rachels Essence by Lyndy

I wish I was a nervous wreck….. not!

I’m calmer than I’ve ever been / since you took up and left / and found the next lady friend / to be your nervous wreck

The Spirit of Christmas

I am blessed / To be your guest / And the Joy / Has reached it’s crest / Your kindness / Shows such giving

Lucky Me, Lucky You

Lucky Me, Lucky You / We have a belly full of food.

Have you ever felt the cold my dear

Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int…
Not such a pretty Flower on the Face of things by Lyndy


Was she a whore / or just a blinding beauty / in my mind / She made me quiver and shiver / like no other

When Words don’t Work

A smile / A hug / A tear / Will let her know that you care / No words / can go there / at such a time as this

The Madness of Need

If your belly is empty / will you not feed / If your soul cries out for love / will it not reach / all levels of insanity / It’s the…
I Love You.... as Read by Lyndy

I hope my soul resonates with you when I am gone

I know I was once / loving you so much / felt every touch / heard every word / saw all the goings on / and loved you all the same

One less soul wont make a difference, what with s…

Candles in the Wind by Lyndy A Shadow of Myself by Lyndy Grandma Myra............ (circa 1932) by Lyndy

How on earth……………&#…

You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷…
OOps I'm Stuffed! by Lyndy

The Same Spectacles

Our different spectacles / With which to view the world / Gives us our individuality

Little pink book ( a very special pink book)

I hope that you will forgive me, for not sharing in my living days, I just could not find the way.
Sex on fire by Lyndy May your days be filled with flowers by Lyndy


Take my heart / Take my whole / Take nothing from me

Dont show your god dam ugly face again

Dont show your god dam ugly face again / Cos you dont have a fucking clue / What beauty is all about……………R…

Encompass her tonight

encompass her tonight so she may live another day / to thankyou for the life you gave her…. another nano second………&…

I did not know how well loved he was …̷…

I did not know how well loved he was ……….. until he died / I wonder if he did? / Something I now have to live with……
Hearts of Sugar and Gold by Lyndy

Its better to have a breakdown

Its better to have a breakdown and move on / Than to live in the past / Or not at all
Cross Over  by Lyndy Peachy and Glowing by Lyndy

Just a Commodity

She was just a commodity / sitting on his angry knee

Thankyou for your non cerebal view

Thankyou for loving me…………… / …………………………….w…
Whilst We Wait by Lyndy

If you wanna have fun…Do It Now!

If you wanna have fun…Do It Now!
Hate........ an OED definition by Lyndy Noah by Lyndy
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