Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...

Recent Loss

numbness our friend

numb thy bleeding heart / should sleep occur tonight / lest nightmares be / kept at bay / may / numbness be a friend / today

Lucidity of self

I have moments of lucidity / When I believe / I am who I used to be / I convince myself and the listener too / That every single word is t…

Bloody minded and strong!

I am strong, til the day I die / and you, yes you / are stuck with me! / Bloody minded and strong!

The Unfixable

I say can you / love a broken soul, and / endeavour to make it whole / can you fix it?

Dark Cry

Tell me why / the lights are out / when I shout / out loud

The utmost aspiration ( R.I.P. )

I aspire / to be like you / sweet child of mine

This Time

They will hear / the echoes from / your heart / And the sobbing / at my door / No no no’one

I forgot what I was going to say today…R…

I forgot what I was going to say today / yet I can remember every word / The sentiments were yesterday / how absurd

The child murderer

she was nearer to death / left with only a breath / wrong diagnosis was made / as she displayed / a personality

I was bestook

hole goes right through the floor / to the bottom of a pit / that does not exist

Lightening Strike

feelings came back / with a vengence… when / horror struck / over and over again / such terrible pain

Oh mama know who I am and cry with me

Oh mama I so wish you knew who I was / then you could cry with me………………..

My Swollen Feet

My swollen feet tell a story so long and unheard / absurd / as it is my life / results in my swollen feet

Brief Gratification

Brief gratification / never held the hand or / even began to land / in the whole / amazing moment that occurred

That day in July

now planted deep within my brain / and upon my heart / like a tattoo / never to be removed

Nine years ago…..No one is Listening

Yet / Now / I feel I can scream some more / Because I now know…………….. / That / ………. No one…

Permanently on the edge of meltdown

Palpitations pumping blood / into veins too small to sustain the explosion / total implosion of self is occurring / permanently on the edge…


It’s her fault of course say’s he / stupid bitch should scrub the sign away, / and not give him the opportunity

I Swear

I swear nothing matters / more than my love for you
Inside Out by Lyndy I Made a New Years Resolution That I would not Cry by Lyndy

Like a battered bird… Grounded

Like a battered bird … grounded / no more could he sing / chirpy in the morning

Pandora’s Gift

Pandora left / a gift for us / to help all people cope / She left the word / inside her box / and that word is HOPE
The Real Halloween by Lyndy

I hope my soul resonates with you when I am gone

I know I was once / loving you so much / felt every touch / heard every word / saw all the goings on / and loved you all the same
A Shadow of Myself by Lyndy

If I’d known you were coming I’d have…

If I’d known you coming I’d have baked a cake / ……………………………&#…

How on earth……………&#…

You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷…

Little pink book ( a very special pink book)

I hope that you will forgive me, for not sharing in my living days, I just could not find the way.

I did not know how well loved he was …̷…

I did not know how well loved he was ……….. until he died / I wonder if he did? / Something I now have to live with……

Eight Years and 8 hours Later

Its eight years and 8 hours since I lost you / Its 8 minutes, 8 seconds in my world

Fearing Love

The fear of love / Results in / Isolation of one self

Just a moment of fear….. hope is lost

Something is around the corner / I just cant see it / Yet I fear it anyway
Blue Sunset by Lyndy

You have One Minute…………&#…

No more love / Is that my minute up?

Do I have the right to write about 19

My childs lungs exploded aged just 19

With that said / I now am dead / And see your tears
Two Down One to Go by Lyndy Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil... Disintigrating by Lyndy

I dont know how the fuck I feel

The truth is / I dont know how the fuck I feel

Wired all Wrong

And the wine has gone all cloudy / Not red not pink not blue / Im wired all wrong when it comes to you
Which way? by Lyndy

For Adam 10/02/2010

Bless you sweet friend of mine, I miss you already

And then there was One

One started alone
Guardian of the NON-departed by Lyndy

The Body! …….. SCREAM

Lost Innocence Kept in the Dark by Lyndy Severed Hands by Lyndy

Whoever Stole My Mojo Please Return It

My wish for Christmas is that we all have our mojo intact.
No Right Turn by Lyndy

True Love

I would cry / And cease to exist / The earth I will have kissed / …….and said / ……………..Goodbye

Sleeping Beauty

You graced this world for but a moment / And kissed the earth

The loss of a child

The loss of a child
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