Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...

Recent Life

Watching the Moon and fading away

Watching the moon and fading away / and saying goodbye / in her own special way

me and my bones

just me / and my bones / exist

numbness our friend

numb thy bleeding heart / should sleep occur tonight / lest nightmares be / kept at bay / may / numbness be a friend / today

Lucidity of self

I have moments of lucidity / When I believe / I am who I used to be / I convince myself and the listener too / That every single word is t…

“stay beautiful” (in the shower)

The goddam words / that just need to be sung / in the shower, or with hairdryer / outlet of me has begun

I am busy too….

Not too busy though / to say / I love you / so……… / that makes you busier than me…

“Save the Judgement for yourself”

“I am just me heartache in tow / what the hell do you think you know / save the judgement for youself”
Guarding the Source  by Lyndy

Party for one

swivel hips are shown / she is on her own / and…………. / suddenly dancing to a moon shadow.

The man in the street

So wrapped in our own destination / of a complicated life / It’s not easy / oh no………… / Let’s never for…

Procrastination is the thief of time

Tomorrow never comes / ………………………………..So die undone

Lightening Strike

feelings came back / with a vengence… when / horror struck / over and over again / such terrible pain
Trolleyed by Lyndy

Tick Tock

tick tock goes the clock / be / tick tock goes the clock
Back of the Mind by Lyndy Heaven on Earth by Lyndy The Only Way Is Up (baby) by Lyndy

Horror’s truth

sweet dreams last night / turned to the awfulness of today / upon waking / only to know again the truth of horror / it’s ghastlyness…
The Ironing Board by Lyndy

The Ironing Board

Time elapsed and money was short / so out came the ironing board / a career was embarked upon, so she could provide with pride

I have not died so far……………

A mans eye in the shadows / sees and believes in me / no agenda abound, he is above ground / I have not died so far…………
What do you see? by Lyndy

I Swear

I swear nothing matters / more than my love for you
Life in the fast lane, completely insane! by Lyndy Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? by Lyndy

Oh weird one flying all alone

Oh weird one flying all alone / sometimes wishing he’s on his own / oh weird one flying in the sky / sometimes he asks the question w…
A morning is about to occur by Lyndy Splice by Lyndy Our Today and Tomorrow by Lyndy

Time Perception

Time / Is perpetual / Perception of time / Is not
Not such a pretty Flower on the Face of things by Lyndy

Her ability to Eat

Their Destiny / Relies / On your humanity / And / Her ability / To Eat
Shadow Baggage by Lyndy Double Indemnity by Lyndy

Its better to have a breakdown

Its better to have a breakdown and move on / Than to live in the past / Or not at all

Another day

………………… Tomorrow

Goodness Gracious Me!

Reality / Creativity / Purity / Insanity / All belong to me / Goodness gracious me!

Slow Motion

Love in slow Motion
Always take the weather with you! by Lyndy

Clearly just a moment in my life

Clearly it was just a moment in my life


Fire in the Brain! by Lyndy Pucker up In Pink by Lyndy

A Wee bit of Faith Goes A long long way

When Night becomes the only thing you feel is in your life
Web Spectrum by Lyndy Ferry Me home! by Lyndy

Time It’s just a matter of Time

Time is just about time / Now / Then / When / Its a matter of time
Lost Innocence Kept in the Dark by Lyndy

Good Morning

Are you / Gonna be kind in your dreams or go for the kill? / What you gonna do today?
Stars in Your Eyes, Life in your Face by Lyndy Fish out of Water by Lyndy Outside of Immediency our Colours are Free by Lyndy Life on the Solent by Lyndy

She loved the rain……….

The child that went away / sent the rain to explain / what we need to do, again and again
Swirl of life by Lyndy

Mobile Life and Insanity

This mobile world in which we live / Makes it so hard to truly give / Yet my heart it knows the truth / You my love revive my youth
Descending Firework.... Oh I see my life before me! by Lyndy
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