An amazing sale!!! :-)))))))

I can’t believe that someone, somewhere in the world, has bought 33 of my paintings as cards!!!!! It is so exciting – and bewildering! Thankyou – whoever you are!! I hope whoever receives them enjoys them as much as I enjoyed painting them :-)))))))


I am so excited that someone/or two or three bought not one but six of my paintings as greeting cards today – I am absolutely over the moon!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou whoever you are! You’ve made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Polly's zebra - painted with a fellow bubbler's kind permission

Hi everyone,
This week I got brave enough to paint a canvas 36 inches x 48 inches (the largest I have ever painted), thanks to the inspiration and with the kind permission of a fellow bubbler and wonderful photographer polly470.
Click here

Her image captured my imagination and she was kind enough to allow me to go wild with my brushes. She has since contacted me and is very happy with the result. Her generosity is so appreciated and I hope you all like the resulting painting too.

Thankyou to all those who have already left such kind comments and faves. Your support means more than you know. :-)))))))))))

Please go and have a look at polly470’s beautiful portfolio. You won’t be disappointed!!! :-))
Your friend in art
Lynda X

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Well after an absolutely fabulous time away in South Africa and Zimbabwe I’m back on bubble. We had an amazing time – lots of wildlife including close encounters with lions and elephants (and a little too close with hippos on the Zambesi River in Zimbabwe), met some fabulous people (including lovely fellow bubbler Macky), saw magnificent scenery, ate far too much fantastic food, stayed in some amazing locations and generally fell in love with Africa all over again.…

I will be posting some new photos soon and possibly some paintings so keep your eye out.

To everyone who commented on my work while I was away – thankyou very much. I will get around to replying as soon as I get all our washing done! AAAAAAAGH!!

Looking forward to seeing what’s been happening on RB with you all.

Your friend


Could someone please give me some advice on what the best settings would be for taking general photos on my Canon 40D. Ever since I got the camera, I have had to adjust most photos on the computer to increase the contrast. I shoot in JPEG but the shots appear quite dull. Maybe my white balance is out, I’m not sure. It has always been set on AWB but recently someone told me maybe I would get better results if I set it on Sunlight. When I have taken photos of my paintings done on white paper or canvas (taken indoors at high ISO), the white background always appears grey instead of bright white. When I adjust the contrast on the computer, it is like a veil is lifted and the true colour comes out.…

I’m off to Africa in a couple of weeks and want to make sure everything is working properl


Hi all, Just got a lovely surprise today and found my image of a King Parrot entitled “His Majesty” has been chosen to be published in the local paper – not only as part of the banner in this week’s issue of the DIamond Valley Leader but also as a half page feature inside. Very exciting!!


Hi everyone, To all my RB friends who have been asking about my post-operative progress, I thought I’d better fill you all in.
SInce last week, I am now having weekly physio and doing daily exercises to strengthen my shoulder and the muscles. Painful but worth it to get the full movement back. I can only lift my arm 90 degrees but am back driving (YEH!!!!!) and after 8 weeks sleeping in a reclining chair, I have finally started sleeping in my bed again. I also went to work on Friday for 3 1/2 hours which was great. After seeing the physio today he said I could start painting again, so maybe tomorrow I will pick up the brushes and see what happens. I have hjad a lot of time to think of ideas!
SO all in all I’m doing well and happy to be typing this to you with two hands.
Thankyou again …


Well last Wednesday I finally had my right shoulder operation and all is well. There was more damage to the tendon than first thought, but after a 2 hour op, it was repaired and pinned back to the bone. There has been a lot of pain and the effects of the anasthestic have taken a bit of a toll, but today I have gone without having to take any pain relief for the first time. I will be in a sling for the next 6 weeks with some daily exercises which started the day after the op. Not fun but necessary.
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and concern. I hope to be back doing something artistic ASAP!
Your friend in art
Lynda :-)

Change of plans

Well I’m afraid not everything went according to plan with my shoulder operation. After checking my blood pressure on admission at the hospital, it was discovered the diastolic reading (which is not affected by anxiety) was dangerously high (106 – should be below 90) and the operation was cancelled. They were concerned that when the pain relief wore off my BP would surge even higher and I would be at risk of a heart attack, stroke – or worse!
It has all been a lot to take in and I have been for test after test since Wednesday (I am “wired for sound” on a BP monitor as I write). And with no family history of high BP, not a smoker or overweight, don’t drink coffee, do regular exercise, eat well and only 49 years old – they are baffled. So at the end of this month I will find out what the…

Doctor's orders

Hi all, I’ve just found out that I have to have an arthroscopy on my shoulder on Aug 4. After wheelbarrowing heavy clay soil and backfilling behind a retaining wall back in November, I could no longer put up with the pain. So off to the doctor I went and the result was finding a torn tendon and bone spur in my right shoulder – my painting, photographing, drawing, doing everything shoulder!! It will be in a sling for anywhere up to 6 weeks and then physio. Doctor says up to 6 months before it’s right. After the initial shock I am now looking forward to getting it over with and being out of pain, but it will mean not much being contributed by me on RB for quite a while.…

I am now determined to be a model patient and do all that I’m told to do (not an easy thing for me to do) so that I

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