Annie Underwood

Joined June 2009

What can I say except I really enjoy taking pictures. Capturing little bits of the world to save for myself. Now I’m sharing those...

Good To Be Back

Hello fellow bubblers.
I’ve been gone a long time. I have been very busy working and don’t have much down time for my favorite hobby. Now I’m trying to balance the scales a little bit and get back to spending some time on things I’m passionate about besides my work. I recently bought a new lens for my camera. I’ve been saving and waiting for this lens for quite a while now. I got a Macro lens. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’ve been photographing everything I can up close and personal. Flowers, my pets (which they are completely unhappy about) food, water drops. I even got up close and personal with a bee, and I hate bees. Normally they scare me. But camera in hand I braved getting close enough to snap a photo of one that was wriggling around in a flower. Thankfully I was focused enough on the picture, to not worry too much about the bee itself. I’ll be working with my new lens and learning all of it’s functionalities over the next months. I even have another new grandbaby to try it out on. And one coming in October too. Can’t wait to have some photo shoots with little hands and little toes to focus on.
Anyways, I’m glad to be back.

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