MTV Awards Fanart Request!?

So maybe the day after I made the cute Olicity artwork for my friend (the one where Oliver is kissing Felicity’s cheek), that art spread like WILDFIRE and caught the attention of some higher ups on Tumblr who are working with the MTV Awards Fandom Section (cuz that’s a thing apparently lol never knew about that).

They apparently are doing a “ship of the year” award, and Olicity is in one of those choices. Because of that, they asked me if they could use some of my work to show off when they say the category! I, of course, thought this wasn’t real at first and analyzed the heck out of it all lol and when I found out it was a real thing, I went for it! I won’t get paid or anything, but I’ll get recognition for my work, which would be awesome!

Tbh, I don’t even watch Arrow lol I always make things for my friend cuz I’m just a nice loser like that (using loser as a positive term here). But if my work does get chosen to be shown, I get the feeling I’m gonna do A LOT more Arrow artwork, hehe, which I don’t mind. But to make it more enjoyable, I might start up the show and binge watch it till where ever it is atm.

Good luck to me with whatever happens in the future I guess~~

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