My First Solo Show

From Then Until Now

Please join us at the gallery for opening celebrations:
Thursday 7th May (6-8pm)

Exhibition: 7 – 24 May 2009

8 Martin St
St Kilda
Vic 3182

Utilising bold rich colours and uninhibited brushstrokes, Lucy’s
paintings are a cumulative layering of her emotions and life
experiences. Lucy will repeatedly paint over the canvas until what
she sees is congruent with her memories. This process does not cut
any corners as each layer revisits a moment in time, a thought, or
one of the exotic lands Lucy has experienced in her world travels.
Lucy’s work is inspired by her extensive travels and her engagement with other cultures. Her anthropological studies and commitment to community development has been a pushing force in her creative development. Lucy’s name for her exhibition is ‘From then Until Now…’ referring to the process of painting layers of memories, which lead to the present moment. The abstract nature of her work reveals it’s self as you engage with it, coming alive with symbols and stories.

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