Welcome to my (in need of employment ) brain...

Hey everyone,

I need a job. The time has come and I’m throwing myself to the winds of Fate. Ok, that’s too big a phrase for it, but you know what I mean…
If anyone out there has any ideas, or knows someone who needs an ’I’ve got experience in almost every field’ hobo, I’d be appreciative.
Here’s what I’ve got:
12 years retail (everything from casual to district manager, here and in the UK)
Four years as a lifeguard
Three years as a swimming instructor
Eighteen years experience working with kids (creche, holiday programs, co ordinating and working in before and after school care)
Two years office work/reception experience
Two years hospitality
there’s other stuff too, but that’s as good a summary as I can come up with without posting my CV on here.
Thanks everybody,
Big Love,
The Vegetable

p.s. below is evidence that I’ve been keeping busy painting my bathroom. And myself. And my dog. Today, some got in my eye. Rar.

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