JAKEB talks all things arty

The incomparable JAKEB was kind enough to grant me a little of his time for that question/answer thingy that’s been going around. He’s an all round lovely human, so read on. Do.

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

i’ve chosen a creative career. so my creativeness has a positive affect on my life.
i’m someone who doesn’t mind blurring the lines between work and personal life and i feel that the two extremes of my creativity (nightmares and making people look and feel good) balance each other out and keep my sanity in check.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful

when jessica added my painting to her favourites list. jessica has tonnes of hits everyday and now when people like her stuff and check her favourites they’ll see me. i’m super flattered. i think yas would use the word “aceness”!

Your nightmares have been a source of inspiration for your artwork and writing, what else inspires you?

whatever takes my fancy is inspiring. it could be; architecture, cartoons, shoes, books, conversations, food or clothes. in particular it’s people that inspire me the most. i’ll explain.
most times when i see a person i see the normal things; hair, coat, pants, shoes, maybe a moustache or a nice eyeshadow.
sometimes i see something else. a character. everything becomes exaggerated for a moment and i don’t see normal things. i see; hoop skirts, big eyes, boots, flowers, monocles, beads, embroidery, porcelain the list goes on. it’s like everything that i know or like or fear comes together and dissapates in the blink of an eye and then i have a story or a painting. theres a conception, gestation and finally a birth. i feel that things that are as personal as art (writing included) need to be nurtured and then sent out into the world where they can aid in the conception of other peoples artworks (writing included). (my words are about to get old an philosophical) ever turning the wheels of the collective unconscious creativity that happens the world over.

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