In the moment

Rain fell like continuous silver threads, on a kamikaze journey to the inevitable end. The impact with the ground made a patter noise and several thousand of these could be heard per second.
It hadn’t rained like this in a long time.
The clouds covered any trace of sun and were patches of grey displaying a mood similar to hers. With the sun gone, there was little light to reveal colour. It was almost as if the rain was washing away the colour with every droplet.
She walked quietly alone in the rain, her insecurities consuming her as they’d been threatening to do for years. This left an apathy that was feeding off the pain, so she had hadn’t grabbed a jacket or an umbrella to shield her from the rain’s onslaught before going out.
In a way she wanted to feel the rain. Misery loves company, and the harsh collision of falling water left a stinging sensation on the skin for a few seconds in a way comforting her.
No one else was out in this storm.
Echo spied a swing from a playground that already held a special significance to her, due to the revelation of a pained memory that was normally buried deep inside like a forbidden treasure. But no positive attribute came from this treasure chest.
Sitting on the wet seat, she didn’t bother with wiping it or acting on other meager things as such because she was already soaked. The rain slid down her hair which clumped together to form thick black ropes. Her feet dangled in the mud, stirring up resting dirt and creating a colour to suit her mood.
She reflected on words said with salt in wounds and lectured herself for her own idiocy; for her inability to notice the obvious…
The chains felt ice cold under her numb fingers and even though she had no intention of swinging or playing, her grip stayed like iron that had melted onto the chains themselves.
It wasn’t long before footsteps splashed their way towards her. But she doubted it was Sarah with an apology. She couldn’t bring herself to look up, not even the strong sensation of curiosity could rouse her.
‘Echo…’ Keith’s voice was soft but clear over the monotonous rain. His soaked legs and midriff came into Echo’s secluded vision. He bent down a look of concern on his face. ‘What happened?’
The patter was almost deafening, but only due to the reply not existing.
Keith didn’t give up, he moved forward, and lowered himself so that he could see right into Echo’s eyes. For once, she didn’t turn away. Instead, she studied his face before quietly questioning him.
‘Do I act like a know-it-all?’
He didn’t mean to laugh, he truly didn’t but it couldn’t be helped.
‘Know-it-all? You hide your intelligence so well half the kids at school think Yuki made you go up a year.’
While the comment didn’t make her smile, the ice had broken.
‘We should get you out of the rain before you catch a cold.’ He offered his hands while standing. Echo’s gaze followed him upward. It was then she noticed the gel had washed out of his dark red hair and it now hung over his forehead. He was also smiling at her, so to prevent guilt feasting on her along with the other negative emotions; she broke her grip on the chains despite the pain that resided.
As Echo took Keith’s hands, he leant back to use his weight to pull her up. Expecting some resistance, he was surprised when Echo simply got up and lost balance. To stop her from falling face first in the mud, Keith caught her and pulled her into a hug. Regardless of his earlier observation of the rain, he didn’t seem to have the urge to drag Echo to cover. Rather, he continued to comfort her, for she was hugging him back now, and he hoped it would make her a little happier.
After what appeared to be a long pause, Echo pulled away from him. She seemed confused yet not annoyed at Keith’s earlier statement.
Both were being pelted by the rain, causing them to blink a lot more then normal, and to look darker in appearance then normal to the point where Keith’s hair looked almost black.
Keith instead smiled at her still, even though Echo’s face had refused to adjust, and placed his left hand at her chin, cradling it.
Echo trusted Keith enough to allow him to touch her in such a manner. Any normal guy would be on the floor screaming mercy and that was before her mother found out.
He tilted her face upwards, as if guiding her sad blue eyes to look into his before leaning forward. Echo understood now and again hated herself for being oblivious to the obvious. She didn’t have time to dwell on the thought as moment later; Keith’s lips were pressed firmly against hers. She was surprised at him, to do something at such an odd moment, but she didn’t question it. When they finally parted Keith appeared to be embarrassed as if it had happened by some clumsy means.
‘Happy now?’ He asked sheepishly. Echo finally broke out in a smile, and that was answer enough for him

In the moment


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Edited and re-done. Again, I don’t own Keith, he’s not my character nor is Yuki. But I have permission to use them from my friend Kenny.
Anyway, I basically wrote this late on a friday night before heading to bed. It was originally just an example and wasn’t actually going to make it here cause it’s not what I normally write about. However, it’s basically the innocence of the first kiss.
Any critiques are helpful :3


in moment

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