I am not happy

I have an 360 okay. It was brought for me just before uni started sometime in July. I played it for about 2 weeks just before uni started. Once uni started I didn’t have time to play it and it sat there gathering dust.
I finished Uni on friday and had bought Enchanted Arms a week or so before that. Anyway, i played it a couple of weeks ago (just after I bought it) and during my second or third time playing the game, the screen suddenly went blank. It was just black.
I was like oooookay… reset game
The 360 couldn’t recognise it’s controller so that meant I had to go out and buy a brand new controller.
This time I brought a corded 360 controller so that the 360 would be able to recognise it no matter what (unless it was unplugged)
It was fine the first day (except for one dirty disc incident) but the second day, the screen went blank. I tried resetting it. Blank again.
I tried turning it off and back on again.

If it were one of the first 360’s off the shelf, fair enough. But I got a 360 more then a year after it was released so you’d think they’d have ironed out these problems.
Also, there was no red ring of death. It was still green and appears to be fully functional aside from having no picture or sound
(yes, I did check the cords, i am not that stupid)
So now I’m not happy and I have to ring up xbox, wait forever for them to detirmine what is wrong with it, send it back and when it still doesn’t work hopefully get a new one.
My original xbox was problem free.

Now about enchanted arms.
Brilliant characters, intriguing story (so far), wonderful graphics.
Horrible game play and irritating music.
It’s a turn-based strategy role-playing game. Basically, you take control of a party of four and fight enemies. Your party can hold 4 of the 6 elemental properties of the world and this is your strategy.
fire vs water = double damage, so your strength is also your weakness
Earth vs. Wind
Light vs. darkness.
However, your character may have non-attribute attacks to begin with (particularly light which makes bosses hard) and only learn them later on.
Other then fighting, you’re free to roam the realm of enchanted arms…for roughly a minute before a random battle occurs. It can be very very irritating.
On top of that, the music is only about two common bars long and repeats.
The character’s more then make up for that. Oh, and the voice acting is brilliant, aside from some character’s having horrible voices.

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