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I am currently a carer so this is my only source of additional income. / Please look at my stuff ^^


Centrelink, it’s a word that can turn normal people into aggressive hoons. Me included.
I am a full time student, who works casual. I work 23 hours, so i only get roughly 20 dollars from centrelink a fortnight. Soemtimes it’s as little as 1 dollar, or nothing.
In the last 6 months, centrelink has made me verify that I’m going to uni full time, that I’m working and that I’m also put in the correct amount each fornight. And for what? 30 bucks?
It’s getting ridiculous, and all i want to do is get my assigments done, but it’s hard with centrelink requiring me to gather such and such information and requesting I double check everything. It’s not like I’m doing anything criminal.
Man they piss me off sometimes.

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