Just thinking of my life, my ideas....

I am sitting here tonight thinking of ways to do more to help people, through my store, and in general. I have always been one to assist those less fortunate, or in pain etc. I used to bring home the wounded birds, crying and asking my Mommy to help me fix it.

At a young age, I started to realize I was different, in the way that I could see things that other’s couldn’t. ….like my dead relatives for instance. Plus, I could feel so many things in my stomach when energy in the room changed, when things were about to happen, good or bad. I learned to communicate ‘with my stomach’, like one would with a Ouija Board, but MUCH MUCH SAFER, and I would ask about tests at school, things about my friends, and my family, mostly normal child stuff. But, as I grew into my teens, that’s when I realized where I was the most different. For reasons I didn’t know at the time, I wasn’t able to experiment with drugs and alcohol like my friends did. Because everytime I tried I would drop the ‘joint’ of marijuana, or fall and break the beer bottle,which one time cost me 22 stitches in my left hand. So, I decided to stop trying, and eventually those friends distanced themselves from me. Some stayed around, but, stopped inviting me to parties, because they didn’t want me to ruin it. I got the knick name of ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’. They did try still every now and then to get me to try some drug, even cigarettes,and I always said ‘NO’. I began to sit down and write poetry about my life experiences, and my feelings about them. I wrote about peer pressure, and boys that didn’t like me, that I wanted to like me so much. I tried to explain in my poetry what I couldn’t in my own words. I put my poetry into a special binder and have kept it with me all of the times I have moved, through getting married, having my babies, and one day I took it out when my daughter had started writing poetry, and songs, and I got looking at the poetry with my adult eyes, and I realized that the words I was speaking in those poems weren’t always coming from the teenager that had the pen in her hand….I wrote at 13 that ‘I wouldn’t let peer pressure take me down a road I didn’t need or want to go just to be in the IN crowd, and that in making that decision I would be the proud one when I was 40’….I was 40 when I re read that poem, and I asked my daughter, who was then 12, if she thought about how or what she would feel like when she is 40. She said , ‘NO, that’s old, why would I want to think about that now?’ I knew then that I had unknowingly ‘channeled’ that particular poem, I believe now, as a lesson, as to why I shouldn’t be doing the drugs and so on. Because I had a certain job to do when I got older, and my health had never been good (still isn’t) with a serious illness that I nearly died from at 4, when my kidneys had stopped functioning due to my ureters being crossed, and urine backing up into my system slowly poisoning me..our family Doctor at the time was not doing the tests he should have been, and if it hadn’t been for a replacement Doctor being in his office the day my Mother brought me in limp, pale and in severe pain, asking for someone to help save her baby…‘I am losing her’ she said. This doctor had me over at the hospital for tests within ten minutes, and by the next day I was in the Royal Jubilee Hospital having surgery to correct my misplaced ureters. I was so weak at that point that the Doctor’s could not guarantee I would survive the operation, but they had to try they said. They gave me a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery. As you can tell I did, and although I have had complications from using so many antibiotics, and illnesses from having so much infection throughout my body at such a young age and for so long (over one full year). I still have had a good life, I endure chronic pain, that sometimes get’s unbearable from arthritis and fibromyalgia that is caused by over use of antibiotics and infection. Plus, I have been a passenger three different times in rear end collisions where I have injured my neck, back, hips, feet, etc. So, I will never be without pain….but….I still have my ability to talk to those who have passed over to the other side. I have a Spirit Guide, like we all do, infact I have at least 6, for different purposes, but my main one is one that likes to chat about world events and solutions, what happens on the other side, and so much more. I am being encouraged not only by her, to write a book about my childhood and my abilities…into the NOW of things I have learned and still need to learn with everyone else. So, I guess that is a venture I will be looking into doing at a future date, which I have a feeling will be sooner than I am currently thinking.
Well, anyway, I have said what is on my mind this evening…I think I may have gotten off track…as what I was meaning to say about helping people more is that I have decided to take a course in Tea Leaf Reading, so that I can learn a different perspective of doing readings….and it may not be Mediumship type thing that comes through, but, I think it will help with helping with showing people a path, one that I can show them the visual of as well. That along with my already natural psychic (I hate that word) abilities will be something very exciting to undertake. I could have Tea Reading Parties with biscuits and everything at the store. …..Just a thought …if you feel like letting me know what you think, feel free to do so. I am very open minded…and I understand skepticism as well, I am also a skeptic in some ways…I alway make ANY spirit entity etc. prove who they are before go on with any message.

Anyway….it is late, and my bed calls me.

Good night for now. Thanks for letting me chat…..

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