Finally Done it

I crossed over to the other side and bought Vue Pro Studio. I will be living off beans for a while, but I looked at my last crappy Bryce terrain today. I spent so much time with it, and thought dammit, this will look good. As always the terrain looked terrible, no life just rugged hills with a nice atmosphere. Which I am tired of. I have a strange feeling that Bryce is probably either going to be sitting at version 6 for the next 50 years or be integrated with Carrara, which I did not enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bryce, its easy to use, you can make some cool terrains and abstracts but….I need more. Unfortunately Daz took too long, and everybody is leaving. I will still use Bryce, but with landscapes which is what I am into now (thanks Stephen!), Bryce just ain’t cutting it for me :O( So I am prepared for any abuse that a Bryce lover may give me LOL

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