Leda D

Cheltenham, Australia

I am a 29 year old from Australia who dabbles in writing and drawing. I have written for as long as I can remember, mostly songs as I am...

hangover sunday

its hangover sunday again, only a week since the last one. the days are just moulding into eachother lately. they are all a drunken haze. i feel so alone even when i am with someone because they just kiss me so hard and touch me so coldly, with an extreme lack of passion that makes me want to cry. but i feel so unwanted that any type of want will do. sex is great dont get me wrong, even the rough cold sex is sometimes what i want but then after i feel alone again and dirty and cold. listening to Damien Rice, he always sounds so sad and he makes me want to cry because his songs are beautiful. i cant write like i want to, its like i have so many emotions and so many things that inspire me and i cant find the right way to express them. there is so much just trapped in me that i cant explaine. i need someone that can look into me again, someone that can feel that inspiration and draw it out like he used to do. i am so scared that i will never have that again.

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