My entry in the Photoshop Masters Group - 'lozmar'

‘Red Baron in Pantygog’

This image was created for a digital/recycled art project I was working on for my pupils, I basically wanted them to take digital photos of their environment using a collage of photographs (we would join the background pictures together later using photoshop cs)

I then introduced a ‘recycled’ project (using household objects…in this case a plastic bottle and beer cans) I then photographed the recyled object and added it to the background, duplicating the objects and using motion blur on the copies to create the illusion of movement; the shadows were also copies of the original with no contrast and adjusting the brightness to get the required shadow weight, finally these were blurred accordingly.

The result impressed the pupils enough to get them motivated to create their own! so a success!

I think even Hugh Syme would be impressed! (a private joke for the ‘snowdog’)

Interview by Randy (the Snowdog) Monteith

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