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Pullover Hoodie
4a Pullover Hoodie Front
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Designed by LozMac
Digital Seepage aims to show clearly defined seams between the analogue and digital. By exploring these seams rather than blending them, the resulting images are reminiscent of a universe where the digital is slowly seeping into the analogue. This universe is perhaps familiar to the viewer, as it is essentially representative of the time we are now living in. Our analogue world is becoming slowly digitised. The changes are subtle, so perhaps unnoticeable to many people. We are now in an age where digital devices are in the hands of the many. This allows for a network of digital data to be at our beck and call, in almost any location. With this influx of modern devices, people now have the ability to capture the analogue world in a variety of digital formats and share this data instantly. The seams between the analogue world and the digital have started to become unraveled. The digital world is slowing seeping into to our analogue universe. It is everywhere. It is now possible to record an event, upload it to the Internet and share it with the world in a matter of mere minutes. It is very easy for anyone to share their digital views, images and other data. Unfortunately it is not as simple to remove any of the aforementioned digital data, after it has been uploaded to the Internet. We all now have digital identities with accompanying data trails. Are we at ease with the concept of merging our analogue word with that of the digital? How clearly defined are the current seams between digital and analogue? What cost to individual privacy and freedom is involved in this merger? youtube:

Pullover Hoodie

  • Heavyweight 9oz preshrunk cotton rich fleece - 80% Cotton 20% Polyester
  • Front pouch pocket, matching drawstring and rib cuffs
  • Ethically sourced following the World Responsible Apparel Practices Standards
  • Note: If you like your hoodies baggy go 2 sizes up



Thank u

by EVİIN K. on Sep 10, 2018

Loved the hoodie. Got it in time.


Cozy hoodie but expected a bit bigger print

by Sonja on Sep 7, 2018

Size-chart was true-proof. S-size fits well even though I'm short (163cm) and thin, the hoodie isn't too big or too tight. Soft and cozy material. The print is a little disappoinment. It's not as big as on the picture on your site. Yet print is sharp even though the design is very photo-like.

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