Lowell Smith

Victoria, United States

I have been painting since 1988, when I was without a television for a while. My professional training is as a recording engineer. I...

before dawn of a new day

Today was a very good day. I awoke at 4:28 AM for some reason, thinking about a tableaux/film project thats in the idea stage. Realizing I was quite rested and awake and it was a day off from my job, I decided to get up and get started. First I logged on and joined RedBubble which LauraBroussard turned me on to last night. I think it’s awesome. By the time I had established myself and a few of my favorites my wife and son were up, so I greeted them and began my usual morning Qi Gong routine. I decided to meditate until my son left because otherwise he would be too distracted and not finish his breakfast (he’s six) and hearing him carry on with his mom each morning makes the fact that he hasn’t missed the bus yet seem miraculous. I had a whole wheat bagel w/ cream cheese, OJ, and then a cup of tea while reading something—I think it was about building your own home. I think that was when I started working on my music video, something i do for fun, uploading to my YouTube channel “ArtesyMusica”. After and hour or two I gave up on that for the day (it can really suck me in) and took some paintings out to the patio (what we call an Arizona Room here in Tucson) because the light there in the mornings is ideal for making photos of my work. I sent a copy of “MountainLake” to a guy who contacted me through Ebay to create something “cubist but not Southwest”. Later he emailed me to say he liked it and would buy it along with another cubist work from 11 yrs ago. That was nice. I think this was when I decided to put together a calendar on RedBubble—-“AdobeVille” since I have so many of that series. That was cool. Then I went out to the backyard to do a little permaculture work in the garden. Tucson is instant paradise—just add water. and more water, and ….then it was lunch time. My wife cooked a delicious meal. She wants a divorce but she still cooks for me. She and I have really improved our lives I think by my moving into the guest room/art studio. Giving up on the marriage released alot of pressure and allowed me to be me, and thats important. I can’t stop growing. I’ve been reading several books on Buddhism lately and that has helped a great deal. The Diamond Sutra is a very important piece of literature. Detachment has helped my creativity tremendously. There is no reluctance to start and I find it easy to finish and move on. After lunch I took a nap , then woke up groggy so I ate some leftover Halloween candy and unsweetened tea. Checked Facebook then I think, and cleaned up some music recordings my son and I made for his first music video. Talk about avant garde! he has a unique way of playing keyboard with his knuckles. Spent some time with him when he came home, then sat on the couch and worked on sketching two sections of a quartet I am planning to create—four 11″×14″ canvases, each with its own subject.
Had dinner, watered the garden again, read some stories by Beatrix Potter while son played with playdough. Took a shower and started painting another “Adobe” painting while listening to Cuban Salsa mix CD. One and a half hours and its almost finished! Let my wife use the computer while I practiced more Qi Gong and meditated for a good long while. I don’t really try to clear my thoughts anymore, or rarely anyway. I just relax the body and let the mind roam. This time I kept thinking about what to write about here, so I’m starting to overlap. When I logged on I had a message from the musician Tchiya Amet about a significant galactic occurence we are experiencing today. Nov 8 was the start of the 6th night of the galactic underworld? on the Mayan calendar. That might explain some things. Lets pray that by 2012 this world has evolved into a greater consciousness of nature and oneness. Peace and Love, Lowell

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