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Solution: My unique VLO (Virtually Limitless Options) art-matching fabric designs demonstrate true re-scaling synergy of Art-to-Fashion,...

Why the fashion world needs Theft-Proof Fabric Design™ by Lowell S.V. Devin, New American Fine Artist

> Fact: Fashion designers aren’t protected by copyright law, so knock-off’s thrive and designers suffer. Why? BECAUSE LAWMAKERS REFUSE TO TREAT FASHION AS AN ART FORM. Reason? Fashion never had the necessary art-form to protect itself until now; instead, ‘color stories’ and/or ‘seasonal collections’ have been the universal fashion-cliché for the past 50+ years. Boring, generic and outdated, until now.)

> Solution: Theft-Proof Fabric Design™ by Lowell S.V. Devin, via exclusive art-matching VLO pattern-sets; (i.e. “Virtually Limitless Options”).

Three Rules of Theft-Proof Fabric Design™ -

> Only ONE artist with such a matchless array of work is needed; more than one artist would instantly compromise exclusivity necessary to achieve maximum protection-synergy of both art and fashion-print design(s).

> Original work(s), styles and subjects must be diverse enough for the widest possible uses for multi-functional sub-licensable accessories. (Note: Conventional art, when test-converted into VLO format, fails to complement the original work, creating an unbalanced, flat and confusing result.)

> Exclusive Lowell S.V. Devin art and art-matching VLO patterns are issued not only from a single-artist Collection, but are generated directly from within each art image(s) itself from over 500 original works in the Collection, in over 10 subject categories for men’s, women’s and children’s markets.

Breakthrough Result: neither art nor art-matching VLO print-garment/accessory will ever go out of style, as this breakthrough demonstrates the true re-scaling power of Art-to-Fashion regulated directly from within each master image.

Theft-Proof Fabric Design™ : Official Game-Changer of Fashion-Prints Exclusively From the Lowell S.V. Devin Collection of New American Fine Art.

Disclaimer: While it is not possible to stop all digital-image theft, Lowell S.V. Devin’s breakthrough VLO system includes a final proprietary (FINAL) safeguard step in the sub-licensed release of each art-matching VLO panel which will ensure maximum individual protection of the Licensee; (i.e., manufacturing Client.)

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Artist's Statement

Lowell S.V. Devin proves that the true grand Synthesis of Fine Art resides in the precise aesthetic fusion of both Florentine and French Schools of Drawing and Painting, respectively. His extraordinary ‘stylus palette’ superbly blends complex medium variations so masterfully that each individual work inherently possesses an independent quality and refined sensitivity which, in the art…
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