Here is a thought on failure

What if you are accepted when you fail?
What if passing, excelling and all the measures that we use are false measures according to the eternal scale?
What if they are all empty measures and the things we strive and break our backs over trying to achieve in the end do not matter?
And the things we overlook that are too small and least deserving of our attentions are the ones that really matter in the end?
What if failing is an invitation to a place called self-acceptance, self-love, humility, faith?
Why faith?
Faith because if we must accept what we think is unacceptable about ourselves that we are loved, that we are not the imperfect things in us. Faith because loving ourselves despite what others may say or think about us takes belief.
Belief that brings us freedom.
Faith because no matter what I have failed to do or become or however I have failed according to whomever’s standards of acceptance I may be using at that moment I can believe that God completely loves and accepts me and is not asking me to change but to believe in His love for me right at that moment? Especially at that moment of failure I believe that God loves me, desires me and accepts me completely.
What if failing is the only road to true liberation from everything inside of us that keeps us from knowing love as love was made to be known and felt and heard?
What if we are invited to something deeper, lovelier, greater and failure is our only key that opens us to that door of wonder.
Failing our way to freedom. When we fail we simply cry it out every time we trip and fall like a baby learning to walk but then we get up and go again. If we trip up ten times that day we cry ten separate times after each of those moments. Yet we get up ready to walk and climb the same place that had tripped us again and again until we have mastered how to climb it knowing that the trip had nothing to do with our “inward wrongness” but had everything to do with developing climbing abilities.
What if failure is simply our teacher not our accuser. Not even something negative engraved in us.

If we saw all these things would we smile when we fail, would we smile at the arrival of the teacher and say “alright speak, show me, I am attentive”.
Would we sit next to failure and laugh out loud, like watching a blooper on candid camera and then listen for how it could happen next time.
Or simply embrace grace and at all times never failing to love ourselves.

The teacher that teaches us faith to be embrace humility not because we can’t but even our best way is not the highest way. Faith because we are invited to watch the One higher than us do it and learning that He was never about frustrating us from the beginning. Like a great man said that He wants to impress us.

Perhaps I can listen to every accusation of everyone of my failures and sit on the mountain of failure in humility and say….yes, everyone of those is my failure when it was. And even sit on the mountain of accusations and say…yes that is the mountain of my accusations of which I do not necessarily agree with. I will however sit on all of them together because together they are bigger mountain. Then I can echo: “impress me God”.

When we say “God impress me” we know that there is no amount of human brilliance that is without limitations. It may be the highest form of humility of truly acknowledging His greatness, that His works are much higher than ours. That God’s works are so much higher than ours that we will not dare to compete, we would be stupid to even try. So we will let Him impress us whichever way He chooses. We will dance in the tune of His music and we will rejoice all the way. When we lose the tune we will simple listen again and flow in His rhythm of joy and peace.

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