The Good News

I typed that hearding and my heart smiled. It was kind of a selah moment because my heart knows the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of which Paul wrote that He is not at all ashamed of the Gospel for it is the POWER of God for everyone who believes.

Everyone who believes.

Ever felt powerless? Ever felt like things and life is beyond your control and your emotions master you and you cannot rise. Well seemingly you cannot. If someone came to you to tell you that you are in fact powerful not because you have any power within yourself but in your hands you have the most powerful weapon in the world. How would you feel then?

You see, the Good News are good because it has many elements and one of the wonderful elements is that we have been given everything we may need on this earth. This is in the form of the power that has been placed inside of us which is the good power of God’s Holy Spirit which is at work within us. This is the power that enables us to overcome overwhelmingly.

How did we attain this power or how do we attain it? When we said: Jesus we believe that You are the Son of God and there are no other gods besides the One true God and Father and we believe that You rose from the dead and overcame all the power of the evil one and gave that power to me by Your Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit now dwells inside of me and has filled me and made me new so that all the power of the enemy is now under my feet because of the work of Jesus that has been completed on my behalf. The new me, is powerful beyond measure, not because of me but because of the power at work in me that has overcome the world.

May the power of God through His Spirit be activated in you as you realise that in Him, you are not weak but mighty and strong. That is just some of these very Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Don’t you just want to jump for joy!!! This is why we can rejoice always!

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