Merry Christmas everyone!

I know I’m a few days early, but given how hectic the rest of this week will be I didn’t want to forget to wish you all a happy Christmas! No matter how you celebrate, who you share the holidays with and what you believe (I’m still a big Santa fanatic!) I hope it’s a magical, wonderful and special time of year for you all :-)



If you read my last journal entry, you’ll know that after a very strange year I’ve decided to start over on my sketch a day for a year, beginning in Jan 2012. I realise that it’s a huge commitment, and the enormaty of the task I’m quite sure is the reason I failed at doing it this year.…

So, I’ve decided that for the next few days, I’ll start collecting together some reference materials, design some custom photoshop brushes, pre save some colour palettes, make some sketches to pratice and basically do as much as I can to prepare. I by no means want to create a completely finished work of art each day, I just want to get something down so I can develop new skills and techniques and improve as an artist. The more I can do now to make sure I can achieve this, the less likely I am to fail.


Starting over...

… January 2011 saw me make a few resolutions, and in that time honoured tradition they were all forgotton by the time February rolled around. I’m not making that mistake again this time.…

2011 has been both the best and the worst year. In March, I married my soulmate. We argue all the time, we dislike each other friends, work schedules keep up apart most of the time so there’s very little ‘us’ time, but we’re madly in love. I love looking down and seeing my gorgeous wedding ring on my finger, and remembering our fabulous day. However, March also saw me dislocate my knee for the first time. I’ve since dislocated it another 2 times, and still can’t straighten my leg or walk downstairs without pain. But I’m finally off my crutches, so that’s good!

We had two amazing holidays this year: Estepo

New years resolutions for 2011

Well I could easily start with the usual “lose weight” and “do more exercise” but what’s the point? I think I want 2011 to be fabulous and bring about a whole new me, so I first of all need to know what that new me will be. Then I need to set goals.…

So, I would love to wake up on Jan 1st 2011 and be Gala Darling, but that’s quite obviously not going to happen. But I know what it is about her that I adore, so lets start there. First of all, she takes photographs all the time. Of everything. Her life is a roller coaster of amazing events and days out. My life is not, what with not being an international playgirl and all. But I just got a new camera for Christmas from my folks (a Lumix Panasonic F530 for anyone who cares), and I have both legs that are able to walk and a car that I’m

Going back to school!

Its something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but kept putting off for one reason or another. But no more! Today I registered to start the hard journey towards gaining a degree in Design and Innovation. I’m so excited. Scared, but excited :)

Starting in May with a 3 month course, followed straight away by another, then straight into the full degree courses, its going to be all systems go pretty soon. And then for the next 3 or 4 years! I really cannot wait to get started. Some of the modules sound so interesting. Im sure a lot of it will be really hard, but I’ve got amazing support all around me and lots of determination, so I’m sure I’ll get through it all just fine.

So wish me luck!

Back after a short break...

So even though I knew for a while it was coming, the beginning of January saw us packing up last minute and moving house. And town! Everything was put on hold with very little warning while we packed up our Teesside life and relocated it in the slightly more hectic Gateshead.

Our house is lovely. Our new life is wonderful. And now things are settling down, we can almost sit back and enjoy it! My divorce came through last week FINALLY which was a cause for celebration as it means we are now able to start properly planning our future without feeling tied to anyone or anything else. The Child loves her new school and has made some lovely friends, and overall we’re all finally happy :)

All we have to do now is sell our old house and we’re done!!

Happy New Year!!

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by, and yet I can honestly say it’s been the best year of my life. Well maybe that’s not quite true. It’s more a case of even though I’m a 29 year old woman with a 9 year old daughter and a mortgage, this is the year I really began to start my life as I wanted it to be :)…

It’s been a roller coaster – I had to close down my picture framing business which was deeply sad. But so many more doors have been opened to me and my lovely family now that I think it was a blessing in disguise. I got engaged to my wonderful partner Phil, who after being made redundant at the end of last year found a fantastic job this summer that’s seen him really excel and grow in such a wonderful way. We’re also about to move away from the town I’ve spent most of my

Visual Swirl

I was contacted by Chris, the founder of design and creative media blog Visual Swirl with a view to writing a guest post for the site. Obviously I jumped at the chance! I’m not the most articulate person at the best of times, and am very self conscience about how I come across to people when I speak, so any opportunity to improve my communication skills I try and welcome.

Anyway, the post went live today, and I’ve had some nice feedback from my Twitter friends. I was hoping that maybe some of you would be interested enough to have a read of it? It’s called ‘Typography in Art: 15 Stunning Creations’ and I even picked one of Red Bubble’s very own artists pieces to showcase :)

To read the blog post, please visit the Visual Swirl blog here, thank you.

Happy News!!

I just wanted to let the world know that yesterday, my boyfriend of 3 years proposed!!!

We had been back to his home city of Liverpool for his Nan’s funeral, which was obviously a very sad time for everyone. We decided it would be nice to give his Mum some good news, and told her that we were thinking about getting married.

The next thing I know, she’d given him his Nan’s ring to give to me, saying that she had hoped we would get married and would have been thrilled for us. On the way home to Teesside, he insisted we took a detour to Kewsick in the Lake District for lunch, which was fine by me. And that’s where he popped the question! Apparently its the place his parents went to for their honeymoon, which made it very special indeed :)

I’m so happy I cannot say!

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