I work in Crazy town

Me “can I help you”
Crazy "yes I bought a bell off ebay, and it wasn’t the bell I wanted, so I got another bell and it got stolen, an now on ebay there’s a bell that has the same handle but its a different bell.
Me " so its a different bell?"
Crazy “no its the same bell handle but different bell”
Me " could it be a totally different bell?"
Crazy “the bell is different but the handle looks the same”
Me “so it is possible that its not even the handle from the bell that got stolen.”
Crazy “thats possible but I think its my handle off my bell, I think there is a large bell scam going on.”
Me " A bell scam? how many people want bells."
Crazy "they are valuable and there is a big demand for them
Me " I’ve never heard of a huge demand, do they have bell shops."
Crazy " no you go to auctions"
Me "look i’ll have a look on ebay for you and get back to you, whats ur name and number.
Crazy "do I have to give that to you?
Me “well i need you a number so I can give u a bell back.”
Crazy “you’ll give my bell back?”
Me “something like that”

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