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I like to play. I find joy in small things and moments where the edge between conscious looking and subconscious seeing becomes soft...


Missing Redbubble!

I never seem to be here of late. Most evenings I find myself falling into bed as soon as we have had dinner and washed up. I have missed all of my RB friends and missed enjoying the rich, inspiring and amazing work here to see. Life a little bit full at the moment. Overstuffed?! I’ll be back proper I hope.

And whilst I have been absent, I have made sales! A couple of cards and…. woohoo, a large print of echium dreams !

So pleased someone would like to have this hanging. What a great surprise!

A big hello to all of my rb friends. I have been missing you.

just here and now

I have been tired and grumpy and busy. Kind of that time in life where there are too many elements, too many people needing too many things and really, all I would like is a solo holiday of silence – but you just keep at it, because that is what is required at this stage of the journey, before proceeding to level 7, with extra potions and magic wands, and additional constitution points.…

My 365 project has hung in there. By a thread lately. An oh so fragile thread, but a thread all the same. I have maybe lost around 5 days over the last 207. Just occasionally, I have gone a whole day without giving it a thought, and at the end of the day felt that little bit regretful for not managing that one simple act. the first time it happened, I felt terrible! Isn’t it funny how we set these test

More blinking changes......

You know, redbubble is one of the constants in my slightly challenging and messy world….and the regularity of rug pulling is getting to me. Yes, I will adapt, yes,I’ll get used to it, but it is the shock of it and the unpleasant reality that I have to expend yet more energy to adapt to changes that seem rather unnecessary is very irksome.

Had my whinge, now I need a coffeeeee.

and I hate how I have to click around to read descriptions. I like descriptions and want them to be with the work! Easy and obvious and right there.

Oops, now I see the descriptions are the default view is actually the one with the description. I’ll get there. Still grumpy though…….

On Self Portraits

Some of my lovely redbubble friends may have noticed a fairly steady stream of self portraits spewing forth in an embarrassing abundance into my portfolio here. This has been quite a strange, and to begin with, extremely challengeing journey. I haven’t been comfortable with photographs of myself for quite a long time, mostly because they have been taken by someone else, usually a family member and they have been dreadful – red faced, lopsided, double chinned dreadful, for probably since I had my first child 15 and a half years ago. And probably also because I haven’t really been comfortable in my own skin. Because of course, what happens when one becomes a mother, all other things seem to fade in importance, and for me personally, appearance dropped to bottom of the list along with do…

Green Soup for mmargot

For those who wanted the recipe using the Kale . Especially for mmargot .This has been my garden signature soup for years, as often just about all the ingredients are outside my door (bar the onion – they don’t do so well in my garden and I don’t bother growing my cannelini beans….).…

60ml Olive Oil
1 onion, chopped
2 Leeks, chopped
1 large potato, diced
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1.2 litres vegetable stock
400g can cannelini beans, drained. or cook your own dried ones in advance
175 g kale or cabbage or even silverbeet. I like to use a combination, including Cavalo Nero or other kale.
3 tbsp chopped parsley (large flat leaf Italian of course!! cut the stalks finely and add those in early like using celery)
2 tbsp chopped oregano (I have a stunning variety, once sold to me as ‘greek’


setting out on a journey that sprang from nowhere and somewhere all at once. I have made a choice to commit to a 365 project. Finding gifts in the present(s). A focus to hone in, tune in and allow for something different to grow.


Anyone know any really powerful songs for an alto range to sing unaccompanied for a talent night?

Another journey……

don't like it

There are some egalitarian reasons to stay a little clear of the absolute cutting edge of technology. The new look Redbubble may well exclude many from using the site. There are people who have older computers, slower internet speeds due to their geographical location or the state of their country’s infrastructure. The new look redbubble pages are very slow to load for me. I live outside a rural town in western Australia and I pay for the highest speed ADSL available to me. ADSL2 is not available where I live, and when the site becomes so darn clogged with shockwave widgets, flashy flashes and various bells and whistles, those of us with less than major city metro comparable speeds (and thank goodness I am not still on satellite still….) are going to find it so boring waiting for each…

Very absent lately!

Has been a very busy time in my world of late. Redbubble has not been the top priority. Crazy time at work, family birthdays, trips to emergency, kitchen planning and building and general random mayhem. I dash in and see what some dear bubble friends have been doing very early in the morning before my walk…..5 .30 – 6.00 ish, and maybe a quick peak before I get to my very favourite part of the day….bedtime!

Hopefully life will settle a bit. Who knows! Thinking of you all and I hope to spend some time catching up soon!

Off to snoozeland…

Happy New Year!

2011 has posed me plenty of challenges personally. Has been good accompanied by lots of hard work. I had a contemplative writing I wished to do this evening, after a day of work on our house – the kids are away at grandparents, and we have worked hard since the day after boxing day. Our year looks set to go out with a bang – we have had big rain and big thunderstorms since around 6.00 pm this New Years Eve. A good invigorating storm – I am glad we didn’t flood this time! ( Man, has it been one full on spring this year…..) I am now rather tired out!…

Some champagne and a late dinner of Hopping John, Braised Spinach with garlic and ginger and spring onions, brown rice with cinnamon I feel ready to go to bed and wake up to 2012.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dear rb friends. You are a special a

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