Round One of Random Uploads

Yep, so I’m currently squatting in an apartment in West Tokyo, working for a company that paid me $100 not to come in to work last month. Quite frankly, I came here to get away from the Internet and the literary community in Australia, but seeing as I have all this spare time I have no excuse not to get back to my dream of World Famous Writer.

I’m trying to find something called ‘Inner calm’ or ’depth and maturity,’ but while I do that in the background, you can have a look at my earlier work – the product of several years misspent online. I mostly do light-hearted semi-traditional metre that pokes fun at stuff, no doubt covering up severe social inadequacy.

So in Round One of Random Uploads we have a poem in medium to bad ballad metre, referencing anime culture. I’m one of those people who if everyone is doing it then I don’t want it, so being in Tokyo has killed my interest in anime completely. For a while I was really enjoying watching Sunday morning screenings of ’GeGeGe no Kitaro’ – great info on Japanese monsters and handy to mark when one week ended and another started – but then my flatmate broke our TV.

After ‘I wish I was an Anime Girl’ there is a poem glorifying the Wingdings font in a musical style. You get the idea. Then after that, a rather impressive Villanelle – as equally impressive as Windows Vista is not. When wrote that poem I actually had a computer running XP, albeit very badly because members of my family had all taken a turn pulling the box apart and trying to improve it for me. I’m not sure how, but I went from having a reliable Pentium with no USB port but a working CD drive (no burner) and a working floppy disk drive, to a Cyrix with a USB port it refused to recognise, a broken floppy disk drive, a non-functioning DVD drive, a CD burner that couldn’t burn CD’s, and all my files prior to 2003 Missing In Action.

So that’s it for this week’s adventure back into the Internet – if I find more I’ll upload it.


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