New Year's Day

Starting off a new year with the prospect of a funeral doesn’t seem so prosperous, doesn’t seem like the year will get much better. Hopefully it means that the year won’t get any worse, for what can be worse than death? Silver lining. Travelling interstate for the funeral also has the possibility of sending us broke and the money situation can’t get any worse than having no money. It’s all positives!….. Apart from the poor bastard who died, my Godfather and my Dad’s closest friend for near on 50 years.
I have high hopes for 2009, once the nasty funeral business is out of the way. This year, I plan to fall in love. Not to a random, but to my soulmate. I have the advantage of knowing already of who said soulmate is. The disadvantage is that he does not. So, I have some work ahead of me, I know this. It sounds much worse than it is, I really don’t have any plans for stalking and manipulating, just to let fate take its’ merry path. I have the faith.
January 2009 will also see me move to Melbourne. I am currently living in sweaty Northern Queensland, but am from Victoria. There’s a story about why I’m here but it’s pretty boring so won’t make anyone listen to it. All I know is that Melbourne holds the key for a better life in 2009. There will be laughing, friends, markets, trams, boots and scarves, summer music festivals, art, culture, coffee, shopping and love.
Just have to get passed the funeral.

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