Would love your support! :)

Hi Everyone!!

I’ve got a profile on See.Me.com and am entered into a contest of theirs….In order to even be eligible for any of the prizes, you need to have a certain number of supporters. I don’t expect to get huge numbers, but I’d love to be eligible for at least the first level of prizes…Now, the problem is, I’ve found out that it’s not so easy to “support” someone. I’ve had a few people tell me they thought they did support me, but it didn’t show up…First, when you get to my page, you click on the blue “support me” button….Easy enough…but then you will be prompted to sign up for a See.Me account of your own, and you actually have to do this for your support to count. Kind of a pain in the butt!! But when they ask you to write a bio or upload a profile pic, you have the option of skipping those parts if you want to! Then I think you need to be sure to get back to my profile page and click on that “support me” button again once you have an account. Oh, I also want to be sure to note that it gives you an option of supporting by a $1 donation, which I really don’t expect or want anyone to do, or by facebook or twitter! So, please know that facebook or twitter support is what I’m hoping for! :)

So, if any of you are willing to take the time to do this for me, I’d sure appreciate it!!! Here is the link . Thank you very, very much!!!!


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