In a Show

I’m excited to have been chosen to be part of a new show that’s opening tomorrow in New York, NY! Anyone who lives in the area (unfortunately, I don’t, and I won’t be able to be there in person) should go check it out! And take some pictures for me, lol, please!! :)) Anyway, here’s the link to the announcement and invitation


Would love your support! :)

Hi Everyone!!…

I’ve got a profile on and am entered into a contest of theirs….In order to even be eligible for any of the prizes, you need to have a certain number of supporters. I don’t expect to get huge numbers, but I’d love to be eligible for at least the first level of prizes…Now, the problem is, I’ve found out that it’s not so easy to “support” someone. I’ve had a few people tell me they thought they did support me, but it didn’t show up…First, when you get to my page, you click on the blue “support me” button….Easy enough…but then you will be prompted to sign up for a See.Me account of your own, and you actually have to do this for your support to count. Kind of a pain in the butt!! But when they ask you to write a bio or upload a profile pic, you have the option of sk

Confused!! /Update!!!

Okay….am I crazy….or has everything changed here again as far as RB’s format? My home page is completely different again, and I can’t even figure out how to just see everyone’s comments on my images and their replies to my comments on theirs…and I can’t see how to find who’s favorited my images….etc. etc.!! All I can see is the default activity feed when I click on “activity”. Or do I actually have to go through that long check-box-box (after clicking on the tools icon) whenever I want to change what I’m looking at?? Well, that is a huge old pain in the ass!!! Things just get less and less user-friendly with every change….…

I’ve never seen a place make so many changes again and again and again!! And especially when most of those changes are met with displeasure and disapproval!! Unbe

Help with bubble site???!!!! Please!!!!!!!!


So, for the last few days, all of a sudden, I’m not able to add any work to my bubble site. When I try to drag an image over to the appropriate category on my bubble site, that image thumbnail freezes up and gets left hanging in a weird spot. It doesn’t go back to its place in the list of my works, and then when I go to my bubble site to see if it’s been added, despite the weird behavior, nope, it hasn’t been added.

I contacted support here, and a nice fellow told me that many changes have been made to red bubble, but that the bubble sites haven’t been upgraded or updated to reflect those changes, and so they’re no longer compatible with the current web code, flash players, or viewers….There are not any plans for that to happen, either, in the near future…and I’m guessing maybe ev

So Sorry!!!

Hello everybody….…

I just wanted to write this quick note to apologize, since I am getting very behind on my replies to your wonderful compliments, and also because I’ve not been able to visit all of your beautiful works in the last few days. I have been really sick with a very ugly flu and am also feeling quite depressed. It takes a LOT to keep me off of the computer and away from RB, and this here has done it. (I still am not even able to drink coffee, which almost NEVER happens to me! I LOVE my coffee!!) I’ve tried to get on and do things, but my eyes haven’t wanted to focus properly and I start sweating and feeling faint just from the effort of sitting up at the computer. But it seems as though today is a little better, and I’m thinking that looking at all the amazing work on her

Spots on my sensor...

I’m back with another question that I hope someone can help me with!! I have a Canon 5D Mark II, which I LOVE for the most part….BUT, right from the beginning I’ve had an issue with my sensor collecting tons of dust and whatever else. I know I’m not the only one who’s had a huge issue with this and with this camera…I’ve found tons of people saying the exact same thing. But then I’ve also come across those we have zero issue with it, and say they change their lenses without even worrying about dust getting in, etc. I’ve always been extremely careful…I’ll never change lenses outside. Anyway, I use the camera’s sensor cleaner….Doesn’t help at all….I’ve used a blower to try to gently get rid of the crap…and it just seems to keep getting worse. I’m tired of always having to go in and cle…

Question about portable external hard drives!!

I know I’ve asked a similar question before, but I’m trying to buy a new portable external hard drive, as the one I have is about to run out of room…First of all, does anyone have any suggestions on which is the best one to buy? And second of all, I’m getting very confused by all of these hard drives that now say “USB 3.0”. And then some of them say they have “backwards compatibility with USB 2.0.” I don’t know what that means…What is backwards compatibility? I don’t even know if my desktop has USB 3.0 or 2.0…..It’s about 5 years old, so I’m guessing 2.0? Any help from all you smart people out there would be sooooo appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!!!! :))))

And have a great weekend!!!! :)))

Would REALLY appreciate your help!!!

Hi Everybody!!

I’ve entered a contest on Fine Art America in the attempt to have some of my work included in their upcoming national TV commercial. An image needs to have 250 votes to go on to the next round, which seems next to impossible…They say to feel free to post your image voting links to facebook and twitter, but I do not have accounts on either of those places, soooooo…I am here to ask for you wonderful people to please consider following these links and voting for my entered images…I would truly appreciate it!!!

I’ve Got Arms to Hold You

It’s Killing Me

Sheltering Sky

Thank you so much, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!

:))) Laurie

I Would Love Your Vote!!!

Hi Everybody!!

I have entered a self-portrait contest, and there is a people’s choice award for the portfolio that gets the most and best votes…..I think I am at a severe disadvantage because I’m not on facebook or twitter, lol, and the only way people can get to your portfolio is by you giving them the link. You can’t just stumble upon it. Sooooo….I’m hoping that some of you will see this, and go give me a nice rating!! If you like my portfolio, click on the last star in the top right-hand corner. I would really, really appreciate it! You can go check it out here.




In just a few hours, I will be on my way to Cozumel, Mexico!!! I’ve never been to that particular location in Mexico, and I’m sooooo looking forward to it!!

Please forgive me for not getting back to you on any comments or messages in the next week! (But please don’t refrain from leaving any, lol!!!) And I won’t be able to look at and comment on YOUR wonderful work, either!! But I will catch up when I get back!!!! :)

I already miss you all, lol!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!


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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait