Thank you beautiful people!

I just wanted to post a thank you to the lovely handful of people buying my work. I wanted to tell you this because you need to know that the things I put up for sale here are not a main source of income for me, it’s more like a hobby.

The commissions made on these sales is very low and I keep my sell prices at the lowest possible because I don’t really expect to make money off this venture, no; my reason for selling these designs is because as an artist it absolutely fills me with joy to think someone out there, is wearing, or using, something that came out of my head.

Even if it’s a parody, or an inspiration of something that already exists..I get so happy when someone else sees some value in it. It feels like we shared a common love for something and it somehow creates a bond between myself and a complete stranger and I love that!

Thank you for your purchases. Even if I only earn a handful of cents on them, it’s doesn’t matter. My main goal is that you liked something I made and to me that means the WORLD. YOU mean the world to me.

To those who stopped by for a look..thank you too! For a second something caught your eye and I appreciate you as well for even clicking on the image! Thank you for your time.

To my future customers…I treasure and adore you already.

Maybe someday if the fates allow..I will walk by someone who is wearing something I may be a t-shirt, a cellphone case..a sticker..who knows. But that would be the happiest day of my life.

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