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I sometimes think of myself as a photographic preservationist. A freelance historian. The history and stories I dig up about the buildings I seek out are often much more American than we would care to admit. Entire structures filled with tons of equipment just to prove we could do something, and then left to decay.

Industry, and the ability to manufacture almost anything. This is what defined America for over one hundred years. We continue to export our industry and effectively tear out the backbone of our productivity. Our industry won us wars, it kept us competitive for so many years, and now we are losing all physical reminders of this fact.

Schools will continue teaching the history of our industry, but to really even begin to understand it, you have to see it. The scale, the simplicity and complexity that all came together to create this industrial machine.

My aim is to preserve some semblance of this history through photography. To preserve, as best I can, A crumbling chapter out of history that I find to be very important.

“That which exists through itself is called The Eternal. The Eternal has neither name nor shape. It is the one essence, the one primal spirit. Essence and life cannot be seen. They are contained in the light of heaven. The light of heaven cannot be seen. It is contained in the two eyes.”
Bertrand Russell

Pentax K20D
Pentax K10D
quirky lousy tripods.
Sigma 17-70 (currently in use exclusively due to me being lazy)
Several old M-42 Super Takumar lenses.
Several Pentax M series lenses.

My favorite and most popular shots.

Through The Past.

Door Ajar.


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Nuclear Dawn

The coolant light had been flashing for the last 10 miles or so while we looked for a place to get an hour or two of unconsciousness after the 7 hour drive. This plan had some rather inherent flaws though. You see, before climbing a 540 foot ladder…trying to sleep half in a trunk and half in the back seat of a 95 VW GTI is something of a hazard. There then came a noise I wanted badly to sto…
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Night time makeshift outdoor studio.

Around Twelve last night a friend of mine stopped by. I have had a lot of halloweeny ideas floating around my head. I just needed a model and a good amount of extension cords. A pitchfork acted as my light stand, an old drop light as my lighting, and the faded side of an old gas can was my diffuser. / No black cats or fall colors for me this Halloween. No, I went straight for the darker side of f…
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Macro is the Bee's Knees.

So, I had always sort of scoffed at the typical flower or bug photo and thought they were simply cliche and boring, but I have a new perspective on this practice and area of photography now. After several days of walking around my yard with an old manual macro lens I have learned how enjoyable it can be and have decided that it’s the Bee’s Knees! / I went out today and was very intere…
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Brisk Baby

Was shouted several times after fluid was ejected into the air and splashed around and onto my lens covering the front element. Firing off a few more shots, the words not registering until I smelled my arm where it had also gotten splashed onto. Brisk…..iced….TEA?! / I turned to the lead singer of the band and with no doubt a look of annoyance inquired, “seriously?” He loo…
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