A more positive focus.

I have been noticing more and more the things that needlessly separate us all. We dislike someone because they do something we do not approve up. We despise of someone because they advocate something we hate. We patronize and ignore those we don’t see as intellectual equals. WE focus far too much on what SEPARATES us.

These things are apparent in all faucets of life. I think we are all guilty of this in some way shape or form. Don’t try to think right now about that at all, because you’ll no doubt confirm some rather petty feelings based on something irrelevant. Instead look at the community we are all a part of.

It’s really easy to be more positive in this environment. We are all artists! So all we need to do here in this community is recognize that fact and respect each other for it. I have seen a lot of nonsense from some people discrediting some as artists, so I will even broaden this statement further by saying we are all here to express ourselves in some way, or to share something with others.

So, I simply want to say that we should all just appreciate that about everyone here. It’s not always easy to share an expression with thousands of people. I often find myself thanking people for sharing photos and other art that I really appreciate.

Keep up the great work everyone, and let’s all support each other as artists.

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