My first loss of a location.

The fog was as thick as I had ever seen. visibility was down to only a few yards. I approached the area that the amazing old structure had stood waiting, anticipating, wanting it to emerge from the fog so badly. Only when I stood where the brick arches had previously captivated me did I realize that it had been dispensed of. The once spectacular old foundry was now just two large cylinders….to my dismay.

This foundry was easily one hundred years old and was a spectacular place to shoot. I had made only two trips last summer and finally got back out to enjoy it again to find it had been demolished. This is the first time one of my favorite abandonments has been torn down and it was really difficult. The reality of it is that I will no doubt see many of the abandoned industry I enjoy in ruin within the next few years.

What once was.

While I do like this shot, I feel I never quite did this place photographic justice.

Never again will I enjoy a rooftop view from this tired structure, for it has been put to rest.

The sun will still shine where this once stood, but it will no longer shed light on a piece of industrial histoty.

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