To accompany my photos taken at the Kingsbury ordnance plant.

This is an account of my first visit to the location.

Footsteps is something that is always troubling. This is something I think strikes at least a slight amount of fear into each and every one of us. When you believe you are alone and the sound of something human drifts into your ears and sends chills down your spine there are only 2 things you can do. The first instinct is to stop dead in your tracks, turn off your light and breath as lightly as you can. This set of responses is always made so much more difficult due to the silence aside from whatever menacing sound has you spooked because you can never seem to get quiet enough to feel undetectable. The second response to such a situation is, of course, turn tail and run (not my style) I have a passion for investigation, and when the shit gets weirder, I get more curious.

So, on our first visit to KOP (Kingsbury Ordnance Plant) We found the abandoned facility, parked (not realizing a key player in the later spooking) Then slowly and quietly approached the buildings. (they set just behind a warehouse that appears to be currently in use but not occupied) We get to the entrance, an open end of the building affording a view all the way to the entrance to the second facility, a slightly more narrow, but also debris filled area. Also keep in mind that the building is VERY long and mostly open, so we cannot se the other end in any clear way. We take a few steps into the building shining the light along the length of the structure which has a separating wall down the center on the building horizontally spaced evenly down the building with 2 open halls on either side. We are about to get to the first open space when we all stop (4 of us) Thud…thud…thud…thud…thud….scrape…thud…thud…nothing…we wait (now just 2 of us as the others got scared and responded in the second way) We stand there in the dark looking at each other. “this is a little sketch” I agree and we give a quick shine of the light down the open hallway after hearing more footsteps. After a short discussion we decide not to enter the building and head back to the rear of the first warehouse where the 2 others in our group are babbling about a flashlight and saying someone was there. Me and my other friend, both level headed take one look and realize that the light out front the first building has some character, in other words it turns on and off at will.

We all walk back to the entrance of the facility to take another look together, on the way there we cross a large concrete slab and all of us hear a very loud rhythmic thumping sound much like machinery, but each of us passes it off as someone walking heavily ( this is discussed after we leave the place and raises some questions and ads to the spook of this first visit.) The other 2, after again hearing footsteps head back to the car. Now to add to the mystery of these noises, no cars were around the area, This place is in the middle of nowhere and what happens next raises more disbelief as to the possibility of another person being inside these buildings. As we stood once again listening and watching the entrance of the first abandoned building we heard a female voice coming from the building. We looked at each other, both probably with the most retarded expression of “what the hell was that” and we again heard the footsteps.

Out curiosity not yet satisfied we decided to walk the length of the first building along the (very crumbly barely visible) street beside it. We reached the second facility which is almost identical. We stopped to look at the building and searched for a way in. The entire facility is lined with doors and there are also fire slides that come down from the upper levels. We heard the noises once again, and we retreated calmly back to the street. Looking up at the top of the building I saw a figure move across 2 sets of windows on the uppermost level. This was not, at the time, such a big deal. We decided to call out and stated we were urban explorers and to response if anyone was there. We got no response.

Taking a minute to evaluate the outing before leaving we discussed the probability of a lone explorer, a tagger, or a squater. Things taken into consideration.
1. Footsteps continuing after awareness of our presence seemingly unconcerned with our being there.
2. Female voices are not only strange because of the likelihood of a female alone in an abandoned factory in the middle of nowhere, but that female voices are much more difficult to imagine due to their complexities.
3. The absence of any transportation to reach the site, regardless of the nonexistent level of security.
4. (This realization would come after the second visit) The top level i saw the figure move across was not accessible. Had it been in the first building it would have been, as there is a ladder still intact leading to the roof with the cooling/heating equipment, but the second building was stripped of all of its ladders.

subsequent visits also yielded strange sounds, and figures seen by the entire group as well as voices that everyone heard.

I do not believe in ghosts and i have never been afraid of any supposedly haunted places. This site is not even considered to be haunted, so those thoughts were nowhere in my mind at the time of these occurences.

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