Children and Prostitution

I have to write this because it’s just too serious a topic not to discuss at all anywhere.

When we hear of the trafficking of young women and children into the United States and other countries as sex slaves we immediately sympathize. We think how horrible and wrong it all is and how these poor unsuspecting people did not deserve it.


We see the hookers on the street (if we ever do) and we are disgusted. These women are nasty and should be ashamed. That’s what we think. Why aren’t they victims too? I find it disgusting how it takes the new awareness of sex slave trafficking for us to really sympathize with a woman who has to sell her BODY for money, probably getting beaten and cheated from her cash in the process.

There are underage girls prostituting their body in the United States. Young girls ages 14, 13 and sometimes younger. Yes you read right. I’m angry and so sick. I don’t understand how an ADULT MAN could dare use a child for sexual purposes and is still able to look at himself in the mirror. I’m disgusted that someone would pimp a little girl or boy out and even dare to look into their eyes and not feel remorse.

But this is the society we live in. Sexuality is repressed and so therefore people look to perversion to fill their desires. It shouldn’t be so. I’m reading so many books on our own personal repression and how we treat others and it saddens me that young people seem to take the brunt of it. It saddnes me dearly.

MySpace should be a place that helps in the expression of who we are. It shouldn’t be a place where young women can become victims or pimps can find their prey. But that’s what it is. That’s what’s going on. MySpace and Facebook and itself is housing people who only wish to do harm.

You can’t censor them out because you don’t know who they are. They hide behind fake names and pictures, ages and proffessions. They are cowards. But we have to be aware that this is going on. That is all I ask. That we be aware.

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