Why I Write.

I have so much to say, but I’ve often found that to put my ideas in abstract form is easier for me than to just lay it all out there. Maybe because it requires for other’s people’s interpretation, rather than my own. It’s not that I’m afraid of letting my feelings be known, it’s just that, never in my life has anyone wanted to hear them. So instead I would insert them into things, like my poetry. It felt easier that way. I believed that by reading my words an almost latent emotion would begin to register inside of others. My emotions would then interweave themselves into your own, and in a way you would be one step closer to understanding who I am.

I guess that is why I write so much. I want others to see ….me. It’s my voice and my insight, my fears and dreams. It’s a cascade of who I am. Tiny little parts of the sum.

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