I’m here sitting in my bed, unable to sleep. The lights are off but the glow from my laptop computer screen is proving plenty of illumination. It’s raining hard outside and I can’t help but imagine being immersed in the drenching cold. I imagine it would feel refreshing, liberating. Especially since inside this house is so stuffy and warm.

It’s hard to breathe. The people upstairs are at it again – walking heavily against uncarpeted wooden floors. Moving furniture around as if they aren’t aware that it is 11 at night and that people are sleeping. Rolling bowling balls and wrestling or whatever the hell they must be doing to produce those crazy sounds that I hear day in, day out. I’m tired but it seems that my mind isn’t ready to call it quits yet. So instead it just keeps running, bringing up subjects I’m too tired to think about, reliving the events of the day, wondering and pondering and questioning incessantly.

I just heard a woman laugh upstairs. I wonder what the joke is about. I’d like to laugh too. Now there’s one more voice – a man, deep with a Caribbean accent. A couple of yells and the noises settle down again, resuming the heavy footsteps and occasional drops of the bowling ball.

I’m trying to think of something to write. Something that won’t require too much thought, but nothing seems to come out. My throat feels dry, maybe I should stop for a second and get a drink.

That’s better.

Now what was I saying? Oh yes, I don’t know what to write about. I want it to be something interesting. I just thought of cheese, now grilled cheese sandwiches. All of a sudden the image of Rachel Ray popped into my head. I like her new hairdo. Shorter styles are in after all. I wonder how she makes a grilled cheese sandwich. Surely not how I would make it. Hers would be all fancy and full of flavor maybe with some garnish for presentation. Mines would taste like cheese and toasted bread. I love the presentation aspect of cooking. It just makes food look so much more appetizing – but enough about that….

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