To Run [ in theory and consequence]

There is a moment, in between fragility and total collapse, where something inside is shaken loose. For that brief second, it doesn’t fall, but stays suspended in the reality of it all. Then the choice arises. Do you take it and cradle what would have been shattered? Do you relish the fall?

No choice is to be judged, but understood.

Whatever was shattered in the moment is in a way freed, allowing you to do what the moment was begging for your compromised body to do – run. And so you do. You escape the flimsy surface of things; you break free from what would have been the disintegration of your resolve. It may have taken only a second but in that second you took the remains of your life and left what was wearing you down. You decided to take life on again, only now in a place that may not break you down as much as your past life had so cruelly done. From jaded and desperate escape lies the glimmer of rebirth.

And what if the choice was to acquiesce in what is? What if the last piece of momentum that was pushing you forward had broken? You allowed what threatened to shatter to find its place as shards below, not so much watching as feeling the fracture resonating within you. It is at that point where what was and what would have been no longer matters. All that can be is the now. The now of life and death, light and dark, fear and surrender. It is the now that allows you to see what is left and to fully accept that it is no longer a choice, but a simple “what is”.

To run or not to run, that is the question.

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