Who are you?

“Everything I’m not, made me everything I am”

I was listening to this Kanye West song [no not because I have a crush, shut up!] and these words in particular spoke to me.

It’s like we are so eager to define ourselves on another’s idea of who we are. We moan and cry about what we could have been, what our regrets are and what we could do if we go back in time. We talk so earnestly about what we lack

and the list goes on
and on.

It’s crazy when you think about it, that we have to have all these things in order to feel like we’re worth something in this world.

The world accepted us from the moment we were born. We were accepted into this world, this life

So why can’t we accept ourselves?

In a way we have been tried to strive for something better, which is not a bad thing. We all have dreams and I say reach for the stars, but that should not mean in anyway that you are not good enough.

I’m not some type of inspirational leader, just a girl wrapped up in her thoughts. And I’m thinking, there are so many things that so many of us are not

And there are so many things that we are

But eventually, because everything’s eventual, we’ll die and go wherever you believe you go when this life ends and wherever that place is, will the name you made for yourself, or the regrets that you’ve let weigh your heart even matter?


I’m a lot of things
And I’m not a lot of things
All and all, I’m Lorna
That’s it.
No more.

Who are you?

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