Momentary Ramblings

Many things can happen in a moment. In a moment of anger, you can irreparably damage a relationship or a reputation. In a moment of insight, you can mysteriously understand someone. In a moment of jubilance, you can love unselfishly. Life is moments, pieced together by sunrises and sunsets. My moments that I cherish most seem to revolve around the discovery of new places and the comfort of old friends. I am not yet aged, but I have had so much good fortune to have so many moments. I do not think there is any such thing as great moments, because if it is not great, it is not a moment.

I remember the moment I saw the Eiffel Tour. I lived a dream. I remember the moment of anticipation before a first kiss. I remember a moment along the Seine under a full May moon. The moment I landed in Australia, I knew I was in love – with a whole country! The moment I was in college, I discovered my voice.

Watching Cabaret at The Lido; meeting the leader of the free world and touching a hand of incalculable brilliance; attending a ball at an Austrian castle; strolling in the Kremlin; standing in the awesome shadow of “Der Dom” in Cologne; sitting on a Horn in Switzerland, overpowered by sheer beauty; left speechless at the foot of the Statue, whose Liberty Crown is pure Americana. These are all moments. Moments that make the blood pump through my veins, coursing with adrenalin, even while they take my breath away.

I once landed on an island in Greece shortly before sunrise. My bleary-eyed travel partner drank coffee at a small café, while I took a quick look around to find cheap lodging. I rounded the edge of the building and there it was – the sunrise whose rays bounced off the Agean Sea making it sparkle and illuminating pristine white stone houses. I knew in that moment that if I had never seen that sight, I would have been missing something. But, I would never have known I was missing it because I would not have seen it to know that I was missing it. It made me wonder how much I was missing.

Ah, and the moment stepping out of the shadows into the sunlight in the Piazza San Marco and being physically pushed back by the brilliance of the colors on the Basilica San Marco while an orchestra (yes, there was truly an orchestra playing!) played so beautifully it soothed my aching feet with its music.

These were extraordinary moments of an ordinary life!

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