Why I think my daughter should have Photoshop

I am writing this entry to explain why I would like to have the Photoshop Elements 2.

Well its not really for me, its for my daughter! She has spent hours and hours on Microsoft Paint making the pieces of artwork “Chi” “Zogul” and “Lila and Zuul” and she said it would be alot eaisier to have Photoshop! So when I heard about this id thought id give it a try!

I think my daughter would have great use for it and will spend a few hours making alot more than she does normally!!She also has very good pictures of landscapes and she says the lighting isnt quite right!She also wants to make a T-shirt for RedBubble but she cant unless she has Photoshop! So she is quite desperate to have one!

Her art teacher has also told her that she should make her anime in to animation! She would need to scan it and she also said it would be alot easier if she had Photoshop!

She keeps asking me to get it for her for quite a long time now and I really would like to but I just cant afford it!

Thankyou for reading my entry!
V H Lollipop

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