thank everyone for your comments on "theirony"

thanks everyone
-Cliff – thanks
-Jessica, it IS actually my wok that didnt get washed for a day (perhaps 2) and i realised that it could not be saved and was probably not that good to cook in anymore, dont they link rust to cancer (like everything else?)
-Jason: it does look like the earth, and i knew that would be read into the image when i took it, with the emphasis on ‘global warming’ and ‘save the planet’ and all ; a statement that always reaked with irony to me
Whirly, Robert, Helen, Cathie, Shazzy and MB; thank you. heaps:) i really appreciate comments
Rebecca: thanks, i was stoked when this got picked up by UTATA and Meera wrote the blurb, a big thrill for me, had me jumping round the loungeroom in my undies (not a pretty sight)
Mel, Shanina, thanks :)
Kathleen; my heart aches too, so much i cannot stand it at times, do you think they will ever get it?
FireRAbbit; thank you, i can see what you see

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