Features and Stuff - December 14 through December 27, 2010

A belated thanks on this one … but heartfelt none the less!!!! Our dear hosts and moderators were working hard right through the holidays and I sincerely appreciate the features and stuff that some of my images received!!! Also very appreciative of the visits and kindness and comments from fellow Bubblers … you guys are the very best!!! Encouraging and inspiring me every day!!!! Love you all!!!!

Featured in Image Writing December 13, 2010 “the Olde Apothecary Shop.”

Featured in All Blends December 16 2010.
Featured in Beautiful Grunge Art December 14, 2010 “Please Feed The Birds.”

Featured in Songbirds of North America December 15, 2010 “Tree Treasure.”

Featured in Beautiful Grunge Art December 15, 2010 “Fine Repairs.”

Featured in We Just Take Pictures With A WOW Factor December 19, 2010.
Featured in #1!We Sell Art! December 17, 2010.
Featured in Pets Are Us December 17, 2010.
Featured in The Best of Anything and Everything December 17, 2010 “Snowplow”

Featured in Altered By Design December 22, 2010 “White Adirondacks.”

Featured in Still Life Fine Art And Food December 23, 3010 “Don’t Forget.”

Featured in Beautiful Grunge Art December 26, 2010.
Featured in Story Through Image December 24, 2010 “Turf Wars.”

Featured in Colourists December 26, 2010 “Taking a Moment to Reflect.”

Featured in Photo Painters December 26, 2010 “Painted Rose.”

Featured in #1 Artists of RedBubble December 27, 2010.
Featured in Layered With Texture December 15, 2010 “Winter’s Wrath.”

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Featured in RedBubble’s Featured Photography and Digital Art sections December 14, 2010 “Winter’s Wrath.”

Featured on REDBUBBLE’S HOMEPAGE December 27, 2010 “Frosty.” yay!!

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