Features and Stuff - December 7 through December 13, 2010

Many thanks to all the hosts of our wonderful RedBubble Groups … all your hard work is truly appreciated!!!! And thanks to everyone who so kindly stops by with words of encouragement … I appreciate you all so much!!!! Hope your Holidays were wonderful … and that your New Year is filled with love and good health and prosperity!!!!!! Happy hugz to all!!!

Featured in Feelin’ Good December 12, 2010.
Featured in The Best of Anything and Everything December 11, 2010 “Tree Treasure.”

Featured in Layered With Texture December 7, 2010 “Mother Nature’s Christmas Tree.”

Featured in Altered By Design December 8, 2010 “Fine Repairs.”

Featured in The Power of Simplicity December 9, 2010 “Beckoning.”

Featured in You Big Softee December 10, 2010 “The Bear Went Over The Mountain.”

Featured in The World As We See It .. or as we missed it December 10, 2010 “Snowplow.”

Featured in You Big Softee December 11, 2010 “The Great Escape.”

Featured in Welcome Pennsylvania December 12, 2010 “Almost Home.”

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Featured on RedBubble’s Featured Photography and Digital Art pages December 9, 2010 “Textured Aster.”

Editor’s Choice in The World As We See It … or as we missed it for the week ending December 12, 2010 “Snowplow.”

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