Features - Week Ending December 6, 2008

Such an amazing week on the Bubble!! To have the results of all this fun I’m having be enjoyed by the fabulous and talented and creative hosts of the following wonderful groups is the greatest honor I can think of!!! My most sincere (and rather giddy) thanks to these dear, hard-working individuals!!!!


Now … whose got my Red Shoes?

Featured in Image Writing December 2, 2008, “Bug on a Broom”

Featured in Urban Wildlife December 2, 2008, “Optimism”

Featured in Live, Love, Dream December 2, 2008, “Frosty”

Featured in Extreme Close-Ups December 3, 2008, “The Playground Bully”

Featured in The Red Barn December 4, 2008, “Here It Comes”

Featured in Old Barns Around The World December 5, 2008 “Red Barn in Autumn”

Featured in Rural Around The Globe December 6, 2008 “Summer Storm”

Also …

12/3/08 Top Ten in Arachnids group challenge “Color on Color Camouflage” … “Color Coordinated Spider”

12/3/08 … Number one Squirrel of the Week in Squirrels Group … “Fat & Sassy Smile” … AND Featured Artist in Squirrels Group .. ME!! (YAY!!)

12/6/08 … Top Ten in “Sparkle & Shine” challenge in If It Doens’t Belong group “The Thaw”

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