Featured Photos Week Ending October 31, 2008

Holy COW!! What an incredible week!!!!!!! Thank you thank you to all of the wonderful hosts and moderators of these amaaaaaazing groups for Featuring my little images this week!!! I’m completely thunderstruck!!! Honored!!! Thrilled!!! Tickled PINK!!!

And thanks too to all my wonderful RB friends!!! You guys are THE BEST!!!! All of your encouragement and support is soooooo appreciated!!!!!!

Featured in Country Bumpkin October 26, 2008, “One More For The Road.”

Featured in Live, Love, Dream October 26, 2008 “A Quiet Walk”

Featured in Rural America October 28, 2008 and in Falling Leaves on October 31, 2008 “Mother Nature’s Jewelry”

Featured in 100% October 29, 2008 “Delicato”

Featured in Arachnids October 29, 2008 “Color Coordinated”

Featured in The Not So Fine Art of Photography October 29, 2008 “Achilles Dying”

Featured in The Not So Fine Art of Photography October 29, 2008 “The View”

Featured in Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies October 30, 2008 “Crusin’ the Coreopsis”

Featured in Extreme Close-Ups October 31, 2008 “Say Ahhhhhhh”

Featured in Cats & Dogs October 31, 2008 “Nuttin’ But Love”

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