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Bentleigh, Australia

Melbourne based photographer who loves photographing landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, historic sites and other cultures. Love travel...

heat sensor

I must mention that when i left on my overseas trip to Borneo I had come down with sudden chest cough and sinus infection, well the day before we flew out I went to my doctyor and got some antibiotics to clear it up so I could enjoy my holiday. Well the swine flu had only been in the news about 1 week when I left and sure enough on arrival at Kuala Lumpur airport they had the thermal imaging. I along with at least 50 otyher people off my flight got stopped and had to have my temperature taken and fill out forms. I had to explain to the Malaysian lady that i only had chest infection and showed her the medicine i had for it. after 15 minutes I was allowed to leave, which was a releif to my kids who had been told to move on and wait elsewhere.

I got better in 3 days and enjopyed the trip and came home no problems.

what a way to start my holiday. On arrival home they where still doing the thermal imaging but i passed through unscathed.

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