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Ouch, Torn neck muscle.

Went to see my physio yesterday to find out what was wrong with my neck/shoulder. He advised me i have twanged(his words) my neck muscle on the right side which is causing me lots of pain. he worked his magic but said it will take a few days for it to get better. I woke this morning still feeling very sore, I will go to work today but wont be doing anything to hard. I have to go back and see the physio on friday. I have some excercises to do and a heat pack to put on my neck to help relieve the pain. What is worse is he said that i could have hurt my neck by just doing my job which involves a lot of working at a desk doing paperwork and computer work. and then just moved the wrong way during the night and that just made it twang. You forget how much you rely on being able to turn your head, especially when driving a car.

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